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Bind, Flame, Drop.


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After a wonderful trip last week, the strongest, bravest and fiercest of Enemians gathered in Edgeville in preparation for an epic journey. Our expectations were not disappointed as today turned out to be truly epic, a fine way to end 2011. We set off from Edgeville with around 55 people, peaking at 60 throughout the 2 and a half hour trip.

<[CP]*****> We had a **** trip all we did was get banged out by NME and boost our KDR


Todays Video:


Enemy Vs Corrupt Pures

We got word that for once in their miserable history, CP's primary intention today was not slayer based. In fact, they started on time and initiated a fight with our friends Hostility near maze. We ran into the fight and immediately caused CP to run south to the safe haven that is single. CP hopped so the mighty Enemians contacted one of our seven covert operations agents within CP and hopped to their world straight away, rushing into them once again. The fight was quick and by the time CP has got back to single, most of their guys had died. Fun fun fun.


Enemy Vs Corrupt Pures/ Zenith

"Where are CP?"

"Moss Giants"

They had been located back in their homeland, this time initiated in a fight with the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Zenith. Now, Zenith have crashed us quite a lot over the past few weeks so we thought it was about time to repay the favour. We rushed into the fight and dropped as many as we could before both clans retreated to single. The foundations upon which the nation of the Chain69 massing horn were built was crumbling.


Enemy Vs Mayhem Makers

FOE and EoP were fighting just north of gap and we heard that Nippon's team were sniping the fight. Therefore, we rushed them and eliminated them from the battlefield straight away. Just as we were clearing the last few of them up, Meklomaniac and his rippling pec's led his clan into us, pushing us straight up from the gap. Upon this rude intrusion, we were expecting EoP to come to our aid as thanks for anti-crashing their fight. However, EoP had other thoughts in mind and decided to log out, leaving us to face the might of Meklomaniac's blade.


Enemy Vs Corrupt Pures/ The Last Pures

"CP are fighting TLP"


"Moss Giants"

We ran back to the evergreen hills and smashed straight into CP+TLP, killing anything we could get our hands on before they managed to escape back into single. At one point One of the clans tried to re-rush, but only to meet their maker(s).


Enemy Vs Exiled Force/ Eruption of Pures/ We Are Royalty

We got word of an epic clusterfuck taking place between MM+HF and EoP+FOE+xL+LS, so we decided to make an appearance and pay back EoP for logging out on us earlier. On our way up to the fight, we walked in to a few members of Exiled Force which we didn't expect to see at all. Just like old times fellas! After finishing up, we charged into the cluster and immediately fired our blazing arrows towards the legions of EoP that were fighting. Once they turned on us, we dragged them away from the cluster to allow MM to deal with FOE/XL/LS then turned straight back into them, getting a lot of Ko's off the bat. We stacked up on top of EoP and looked to be clearing them up when WaR rushed in, forcing us to abandon the EoP fight and retreat to piper. Once at the piper, we turned back on WaR and wiped them up like a cleaner mopping up a giant **** stain in the local cottaging toilets. We figured that this would be a good time to restock and regroup.


Enemy Vs Zenith/ Fatality

Rather than allowing us the luxury of banking in peace, Guthix shined his will down upon us and we walked straight into a fight between Zenith and Fatality. Rather than logging out like some pirates people would, we stayed and fought them, managing to clear them up quite quickly. Sorry about the crash but in all fairness; mercy is not a word in Scott's vocabularly.


Enemy Vs Eruption of Pures

We thought we'd head back to the cluster after we had re-stocked, and in doing so we un-intentionally ran into around 23 EoP members who were (for one reason or another) quite a distance away from the cluster. The dollar signs sparkled in the eyes of the mighty In Vade Poland as she saw the opportunity to gain even more loot to compliment here already bulging bank. We crashed directly into the lost pirates, decimating them before they knew what had hit them. After this, some **** main clan called LS or something gay like that ran into us but we killed the **** out of them l0l. Upon hearing that MM had cleared the cluster, we decided that now would be a very good time to end.




Thanks to everyone we fought today and a huge thank you to everyone who turned up for Enemy - you helped us to an epic trip and a fitting tribute to 2011. Scott owns.
Proud Ex - High Council of Epidemic
Proud Ex - Leader of Enemy
Proud Mayhem Maker

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Top Posters In This Topic

Nice job shame you had to hit our regroups during the cluster.

Xl was sniping eop the entire time from the north and ls and elites were sat killing returners of all clans.

Was hoping we could have had a 1v1 fight instead rushing our 30 man regroup with low food and pray.

See you next year ;)




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more pictures please! not enough evidence that you won those fights. [ Lol ]



Sure - keep refreshing and giving us views and wait for the video.

that's your job though...watch your topic all night long to make sure its perfect!

I could spend hours illustrating how much devastation was dealt to your clan or I could go back out and do it once again.

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I was wonderin who those green capes annoyin us at dwarves were, glad WAR came in and cleared u guys up so we could focus on mm's 400 deaths. Thanks for the ac or whatever you think you did.

Proud Ex @High Council of EoP

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I was wonderin who those green capes annoyin us at dwarves were, glad WAR came in and cleared u guys up so we could focus on mm's 400 deaths. Thanks for the ac or whatever you think you did.

Lmao yeah we were clearing you until you invited WAR who subsequently also got cleared


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I was wonderin who those green capes annoyin us at dwarves were, glad WAR came in and cleared u guys up so we could focus on mm's 400 deaths. Thanks for the ac or whatever you think you did.

Cleared us?


We cleared most of that group of EOP we encountered then when WAR came in we went to piper they followed and we cleared ending with 31 in range after fighting two clans.


All will be seen on my video, however I'm at home now where the internet connection is **** so it will be a while yet :( like 1-2 hours :/ but will be up :thumbsup:

Founding Leader of Enemy
Officer of Corrupt Pures
Honoured Member of Epidemic
Leader of Eruption of Pures
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