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  1. Arsenal are so good. I have two words for you. Bradford City. Merry Christmas have a nice day
  3. I love you Charlie, but still... CHELSEA CHESLSEa CHELSEACHESLEA CHELSEA CHELSEA CHELSEA CHELSEA CHELSEA CHELSEA!!!!!!!!! And merry christmas everyone, have a good day
  4. i ******* love frank lampard Legend of legends. Frank forever. The comeback is on, sit down manchester.
  5. As long as united lose, I'm happy.
  6. -Jared-


    omg neopets, that **** was awesome
  7. E was #1 for december 2009. :ninja: Otherwise odds on would have been a clean sweep for MM since 2009 :thumbsup: A far more interesting topic http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-20578627 spoiler - it's about lego "Duncan Titmarsh, the UK's only certified Lego builder" That man is now my favourite person in the world.
  8. -Jared-

    ello guvnas

    fkn nice 1 bruv and yes do it
  9. don't **** with Pierz, he'll slap your ****.
  10. first pure clan I ever knew about rip FOE, without a doubt one of the best of all time
  11. Just admit you couldn't keep facing the constant beatdown every week. And no if you were any good your clan would still be open. There are no excuses in the life of scape. You lost and want to make yourself feel better. haven't seen a peter post in a while, they still make me laugh though lol :)
  12. How's hi doing? Haven't seen you much since the stomping we gave you before the update =3. Also haven't seen you after the update. To put it correctly, you went back in your hole. In the words of every Cp member on every topic ever: Stop living in the past. The past keeps the memory of NME alive tho. LOL The past doesn't keep memories alive, memories keep the past alive, are you literally retarded? Sorry but NME was an irrelevant clan, no memories remain fresh in anybodies mind. :confused: Signs of a lost argument? Completely evading the quoted post. it's 8loodyarchr lol... or w/e the **** his name is. 99% of his posts make less sense than my potato post
  13. -Jared-


    I like it a lot more now, for the first couple of days all I did was slayer
  14. This reply shows the whole community - people are waiting for something. But you SHOULD start from yourself. I don't have a pure lol
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