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Foe's Sick Ass Sunday Pk Trip - 350+ Kills

Failed Again

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Topic Written by Dan

Videos of the day:

KDRs of the day:




The trip started off hilariously. Seeing as MM were watching the 3v3 full out (lol, weak MM...), HF were feable and unorganised as they shown their true colours without MM backing them up. HF unaware of our location, were set out to hit POT which was perfect as we knew they were pretty dumb. HF were lobby at single strip and we were lobby NE of new gate. W124 was the call and both clans had logged in. We ran it to the top of new gate hill and as soon as we arrived, there was HF falled in just screaming free loot. Every member landed their barrages down on their fall in ripping them to bits giving HF an awful start to their trip. HF tried to combat back with barrages of their own but did bare minimal damage probably not even getting a single kill. Never the less, thanks for the 30 second fight HF, **** as always. Loot was nice though. After there were no HF left, we took it south to single and got a bank ready for more loot.



Seeing as TLP were never coming out of single for the first hour of their trip, we decided to show them what happens when you sit in single. We hopped to W99 where they were stood falled in at level 27 single and rushed them. TLP wise to it before we had even hit their screen, ran south however lost around 5 members dicking about and got penalised for it by getting sent to edge by FOE. After the majority of TLP had booked it to far below level 10 wilderness, the fall in was taken way back north as we didn't need a bank. The whole clan logged out at single strip around level 38 ready for action.


As soon as FOE hopped, we took it towards New Gate hill where Serenity rushed us from knowhere appearing from the volcano north east of us. They were on the other side of New gate but seeing as we had about twice as many as them, we pushed through the gate and absolutely smashed them all over. Serenity panicing because of the massive challenge that FOE brought, tried running off back to volcano but just could not escape the constant freezes being landed upon mounds of titan specs being laid off on them. Just more loot for FOE.


After serenity was clear, there was a call on TS saying green cape clan at GDz. At first I thought it was HF or a main clan but then the word pures was called on TS. As soon as this was heard, the whole clan bombed it to GDz to find Fatality chilling there. We got our piles down quickly and specs down. I believe at this fight Fi didn't want anything to do with FOE as they scatted off to gap and west of GDz. The people slow to realise who were hitting them, got dicked over at GDz giving us some barrage runes and bolts as loots. After GDz was cleared up, we took it south into corp and home teled to bank our loots. GF Serenity and Fatality.




After we got a full bank restocking runes, summons and spec scrolls, we grabbed GDz tele and teled up to the hut. We then headed east and logged out at the New Gate Maze ready to Kill HF again along side POT if the chose to challenge us. We hopped out and the fall in was taken north-east of greaters. We potted up, spread and charged south. HF was on the north side of gap whereas POT were on the south side. HF were running north towards GDz when we rushed in which was a little confusing but we landed down our freezes as usual. HF didn't seem to last very long as they were pretty much cleared before we had even reached the fight. The main challenge of the fight was POT as they had a good amount of numbers charing north through the gap. The fight against POT didnt really last too long as we had some really strong piles and calls from TS making them easy targets out in the open. After we cleared POT, we went down to Corp and got a bank to save our loot.




The second to last time entering the wild before we left was very chaotic with about 6 differents clans in the same world. The word was that MM was fighting Havoc in W83 and Gap. There was also WAR and IR at corp in the same world. When we logged in there was nothing at Gap, Piper or Corp which was very baffleing. Then outa knowhere there was a load of pures at the volcanoes west of Corp which turned out to be WAR. With knowhere for them to go, they were frozen and specd out easily and quickly dropping their small numberd clan in a matter of minutes. After WAR had been cleared, we had become a little scattered so we regrouped around Corp where it was said that POT was rushing south from GDz. We ran up north to catch them off guard and started to fight around Piper area. Again, with solid team speak calling and piling from the members, we made POT look like easy targets around piper clearing them without much trouble apart from the random rambo specs here and there. After POT was clear, we were rushed by Serenity north of gap. We barraged over the gap for the first part of the fight making sure they couldnt get away before pushing though to ensure we could easily return from GDz. With returners coming from GDz because of low food from the two fights before, we easily took out Serenity and POT for the second time on the trip with so much loot for the members. Shortly after we ran it to Corp and home teled to get out for the final time.



The last time we headed out before ending started at Edgeville. We hopped first and then teled into GDz as soon as we logged in and ran it straight to Corp to see what was lurking. As soon as we got there, there was Serenity around corp area where we started to fight them. Almost instantly, POT showed up behind us sandwiching us between the two clans. We tried to run it off east but there was EOP pretty much forcing us to run south and RG at 18 ports in a 3 v 1 battle to start out. We got a quick RG at 18 ports and in this time, the remaining EOP members were NW of grave. We landed freezes down and specs off on the members in the area cleaning the minimap of white dots. Further north around West ruins, there were still a few Serenity members hanging about but not for long as we took them out too without any trouble.

With a very satisfying trip full out loot, we decided to take it south and end.


GF Serenity x 2
GF HF x 2
GF POT x 2
GF TLP x 1
GF Fatality x 1
GF WAR x 1
GF EOP x 1

Overall a outstaning trips, amazing job FOE members, did us proud today and shown every clan that opposes a threat in P2P why we are #1 pure clan in P2P.

Pictures of the Day:


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gj boys, looked fun

i sometimes think cp is the only honest clan left in the world =(

(23:32:02) <[CP]Toxine> You just got into the pure community
(23:32:06) <[CP]Toxine> you're talking to the guy who inovated it

Ohhh to be young and so confused <3
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What a shame you tried to hit the TFA Cluster twice + got cleared by POT+HF. Damn Foe tries way 2 hard

(14:05:34) <DrZoid> (14:05:00) <+DrZoid> fi kieran
(14:05:34) <DrZoid> (14:05:02) <+DrZoid> ur site is down
(14:05:34) <DrZoid> (14:05:04) <+DrZoid> ?
(14:05:34) <DrZoid> (14:05:07) <@[Fi]Kieran> yup
(14:05:34) <DrZoid> (14:05:21) <@[Fi]Kieran> someone couldnt take losing
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