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  1. Even though I wasn't really into P2P, you guys were one of my favorite pure clans besides Freelancers. Been a fan/lurker since you guys had free forums lol. Always held high standards for you guys due to your accomplishments. Good luck to everyone in FOE.
  2. Removal of wildy, easy. Took out one of, if not the most active thing in the game.
  3. Off topic Excuse my ignorance, but what makes someone the best Webmaster? Technically, whoever is the best webmaster puts in the most money for their clan, right? 'Cause the best protections are usually expensive, or am I wrong? Someone clarify please.
  4. I use to join random raids and masser clans back in '04. In '06, my friend introduced me to the clan, Freelancers, and I joined until closure. I became inactive and less interested in Runescape after Freelancers closure, so you could say I quit, or took a break. I came back to Runescape in '09 and started a new pure since I turned my last pure to a main out of boredom. Didn't really play, just botted the new pure and F2P pked. Always was a lurker in community sites, never really registered until recently. I was originally going to return and apply to MM since a lot of ex-Freelancers did. However, I don't have the time or interest anymore for clans, let alone Runescape.
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