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Pure Warfare P2P Tournament Results


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Pay to Play Tournament


After two months of fights im pleased to announce that the Pure Warfare tournament is over. I'd like to thank all the clans that participated and we hope more clans will participate in our next event. Also a big thanks to all the people that contributed to making this tournament a success and to Coz for making these wonderful sigs. I'll now present the Pure Warfare winners:


High Bracket




Low Bracket






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Congratulations both clans :)


-Proud member of #TLP
-Proud former member of #Dpures

(14:27:02) <@Furious> Next season I hope there will be a "most biased and hated moderator award" I would hands down win it
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I want to congratulate Fatality, honestly didn't see you winning this tourny, not sure anyone did, but you boys over der did it, grats grats.


For ref:


We fought Chaotic, DVN i think don't even know, and IR for this tourny.


3-0'd Ch, 3-0'd IR, can't remember DVN it was like their older clan before they merged. 3-0'd them tho.


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