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The official Sefket thread


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post your funny images, saying and quotes :D


[09:19:34] <@[Foe]Sick> LOL

[09:19:34] <@[Foe]Sick> 16:17:49) <[CP]U-Go-N-Flop> please promote m4n so he doesnt use PW

[09:19:34] <@[Foe]Sick> lmfao irl holy **** LOL

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[16:23] <`Pure> SEFKET

[16:23] <`Pure> I JUST MADE


[16:23] <`Pure> ON PW!!!!!

[16:32] *** `Pure was kicked from #pc.staff by [Foe]Sick [..]



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(22:08:14) get the **** out of here

(22:08:24) * [Foe]Sick set mode: +b *!*@Swift-3300A714.karoo.kcom.com

(22:08:24) * You were kicked from #pc.staff by [Foe]Sick (wdf is your problem)



IRC Nick - ``Karl
"You lost me at biased."
Need help? PM me

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O Sick is the founder of PC?


I actually used PC for 5 years , he wasn't the founder. The founder was Nick, his rsn was Wana Pure Me, he was a very nice person you could get along with and feel safe running your forums. He then retired his spot to Sefket who pretty much ruined the forums and caused much chaos in the pure clan world. The only reason I feel sorry for PC is because of all the work Nick put into making it what it was months back before it got hacked countless number of times.

"Life is full of challenges, just watch your step."
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