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[L]eet [T]actics | Quality at its FINEST | 65+ CB | LPC |

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Clan Information

Clan Website: http://lt-rs.com/forums/

IRC Channel: #Leet-Tactics

Clan Teamspeak: lt.ts3dns.com

Clan Chat: LeetTactics


What is Leet Tactics

Leet Tactics is a LPC clan formed by Downyz from Pre EOC.

Going almost 4 years strong still having the old-school family and friends around each other. With members that are with QUALITY at its FINEST.

Moving from Pre EOC to BattleScape to 2007 still staying strong and on TOP!

We are one of the best LPC out there and growing really fast.

We have a very friendly community with members that will help each other.







@High Council








60+ Combat

40+ Attack

70+ Strength and Ranged

50+ Magic

57 Woodcutting(Edgeville Canoe)

Keep in mind these are the minimum stats required to apply for Leet Tactics, during the application process it is required that you keep training, while maintaining your activity with the clan.



More Videos Are on our YOUTUBE channel!


Interested in joining Leet Tactics? Apply Today!

Clan Website: http://lt-rs.com/forums/



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wouldn't you be in the 1-65 requirement zone or the 65-80.....

no they have 30 def xd

ah well better than redemption i mean destruction

+Elite Member of the Corrupt Pures

some things are meant to last forever



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65-80 section. If you're going to use this boards at least use it for it's intended use.


It's so easy to get lost in constantly having to present
Whatever face you believe a person wants to see rather than your own.
Yet we hesitate to surrender all of our insecurities. Move with me. move with me.
Only the ones we are most comfortable relinquishing. Move with me. move with me.

The only way we will see success is through our core players. These are vital members that are very rare to find nowadays but when we find them we treasure you guys. Us as ranks know that the members are what make this clan and our only duty is to direct your energy to our goals as a clan. Just to be honest I already know we may lose some of you on our journey. But just know we love you


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Impressive Sam, you're growing well as a clan.


Our fight was epic.

Control #1 Med

Accepted To Control 12/10/10
Promoted to Officer Of Control 12/28/10
Promoted to Warlord Of Control 5/1/2011

Founder of Hate - 2k14

Leader of Trauma - 2k14


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