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Ahh Suck It's GOA


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I. Introduction

II. Daily Blog

III. Goals and Stats

IV. Bank

V. Achievements

VII. My Clan


I. Introduction


Sup welcome to my goals and achievements. Also I have


Real Life:

Name: Andre "Dre" for short

Age: 15

From: California

Location: Vallejo, California

Favorite Food: I like shrimp

Favorite Drink: Minute made fruit punch YUM

Interest: Football, Basketball, RuneScape, Family & Friends

Music: Rap & Hip-Hop )

Race: African American



RSN: Ahh Suck It

Account Type: 60 Attack Pure

Started: Started on March-April, 2009

Clan Name: The Last Pures

Clan Rank: Proud Members

Favorite Skill: Hunt

What does my RSN mean? Ahh suck it means like "moan" Suck it


II. Daily Blog

6-20-09 Hmm today i learned about this nice community. I start fletching on Ahh suck it getting 35-67. Then i did a little pking made 3m or so.


6-22-09 Today i did abit of flipping 24m cash now plan to keep working for my claws. 96 hunter aswell


6-2 -09 Today was a good day flipped my money up to 33m so close to claws =p gonna wait for tomorrow to buy them... 79 fletching as well.



III. Goals and Stats






Attack: 60/60

Strength: 99/99

Range: 80/95

Magic: 94/99

Pray: 45/45 Maybe 52

Defence: 1/1

Hitpoints: 83/?








IV. Bank

Close to claws, July 20th 2009.





V. Achievements




VII. My Past Clans and Clan

Past clans:

1.The Pure Forces, High Council

2.Final Ownage Elites, FA

3.Veneratio, Member

4.Intense Redemption, Member




Current Clan:

The Last Pures, Proud Member


Once again thanks for reading/ checking this topic out!

If you like to be friends or chat add me: "Ahh Suck It."



All credit to Azn Pure for the layout if you would not like me to use ill make my own cant contact you it being 1:44 am atm lol... and your not on

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Proud founder of Violent Demise
Proud Member of Intense Redemption
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