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So far today


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So far today:


I've changed the buttons to fit in with the forums more

A few people had problems with the youtube tags we had here as it stretched the board, I've now fixed this.

Added a Teams section to the Clan Corner, but only serious teams can be posted.

Changed the Super Mod and Moderator colours.


I'll edit as I go along.

IRC Nick - ``Karl
"You lost me at biased."
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New buttons look really good and thx for fixing YT taggs, that was a problem for people who wanted to post vids here and Recruitment topics.

The Golden Gods
Mayhem Makers
^Will always be in my heart.

Pures, missing since late '08.
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Nice man, great things done so far!

{ Elder of The Last Pures }


{ Christ lived the life I should, and died the death I deserve. }


{ Proud Moderator Of PW }


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Karl, I know I suck at creating websites and what not, but what I lack in computer skills, I make up for it with my outstanding effort, Anything you need.

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