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  1. Freaking beast, it's like malice throwback but newschool. Support :wub:
  2. Yep, sadly totally true. And the GE killed the community, aka double k0.
  3. you're right elmo... I'll flame you instead you stupid turkey hat wearing ************ edit: yeah no response you no good ******* **** **** ass **** ***** ***** ****** ******** ****** LMFAO
  4. I don't see why MM members are trying to flame EOP here? It's obvious that today they were the #1 clan and that we got cleared. Take a loss for once and let them have their win.
  5. Already been posted, but yea best video about RS ever
  6. MM/Malice/The Dreaded in no order. Just gotta combine all three and it's on.
  7. Just watched the end product >awkward moment when RuneScape provokes goosebumps like/fave'd
  8. No, the game's worse than it's ever been and that's no exaggeration.
  9. This + besides the small chance of maybe fighting another clan that's out, there's nothing else to do in the wilderness.
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