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LOW clan plz


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Well some of u may know me. im bullet and im searching for a clan on my low lvl pure. i have been in clans such as cp, hp - lead it, ic - lead it, and currently in tlp on my other pure.


my current stats- spkzdu.png


those are my current stats always changing.


if u would like to talk to me on irc /msg bullet

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What happened to IC?

You could join LR right now, train up to join CV, or train up to join CR like you did a long time ago

Proud Founder of Carpediem
Proud Founder of Hysteria
Proud Leader of Malice
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Join Maturnal Pures! (MP)


Maturnal pures, a newly opened clan dedicated to low level PKers who can't find themselves someone worthy enough to PK with, without getting backstabbed by a load of massers.We are here to help people know they are with the right clan, and importantly, one of the best low level clan on runescape.



We are 45+ stat and 30+ Combat, raising later on.

We are extremly active as 3+ Minis a day.


We own too! once we had 5 minis a day and won all of them? GF.




You won't regret making an application.



Our Site is: http://z6.invisionfree.com/Maturnal_Pures

Memberlist is: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=mpures

IRC is: #Clan-Mp



Hope you find us fun!




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