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Baliw's Chin-ing Guide


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Table of Contents


* 1.0 Introduction

* 2.0 Requirements

* 3.0 Equipment

* 4.0 Locations

* 5.0 How to kill them

* 6.0 Time/Xp table

* 7.0 Prices

* 8.0 Frequently Asked Questions

* 9.0 Credits

1.0 - Introduction

This method of training will cost about 35M+. But will be very fast, will only take maybe about 50 hours of training.

2.0 Requirments


-80+ Range

-43+ Pray



Started Monkey Madness(to the part you have access to ape atoll)




Items needed:

-Red Chinchompa\'s (Ranged 85-99 is ~50-60k chins)

-Prayer Potions

-Super Anti Pots.

-Gree gree (optional)


3.0 Equipment


Helm:God Mitre > Robin


Bottom:Monks,Chaps (Monks if using range boosting pray, chaps if not)

Sheild:Zammy Book > Sara Book > Guthix Book

Gloves:Regen * this is a must because of falling rocks,rfd gloves wont let u last long

Boots:Ranger > White Boots

Cape:Skillcape (t) > God cloak > Firecape

Amulet:Fury > Glory > Holy/Unholy symbol


1.5-2k red chinchompa\'s if you use range boost prayer.

2-3.5k red chinchompa\'s if you dont use range boost prayer.

4.0 Locations

Go to the gnome stronghold and talk to Daero.


*Note:You will not get defence exp by talking to him if you select this:



The Tunnel:


Red Squares are the training spots.


5.0 How to kill them:

When u first start out there is only 4 monkeys. But they regenerate from their bones. So kill them fast wait for the \"bone spawns\" and normal spawns will come with them also. Soon you may have 15+ monkeys trying to anal you.

*Pic from zybez*



Pic of me killing:



The Attack Style:

Some people arent sure about what attack style to use, i wasnt either the first time i started. Ive asked around and most people say that Short Fuse is the best to use.

How do I make them agressive again?

Run till your location is off the minimap. Run back and the monkeys will be agressive again. After about 1.5 hours.


Where to log out:

(red locations)


Log out when you are a monkey. If you are not logging as a monkey put melee protect as a quick prayer.


6.0 - Time/Xp table

I havent tried anything over 93+ range atm i just leeched the calcs from zybez.


This is the xp an hour if you pot when your range pot drained 4-5 ranged level\'s.


85 = 120-130k xp each hour

86 = 120-130k xp each hour

87 = 120-140k xp each hour

88 = 130-150k xp each hour

89 = 140-160k xp each hour

90 = 150-170k xp each hour

91 = 155-175k xp each hour

92 = 160-180k xp each hour

93 = 165-195k xp each hour

94 = 170-200k xp each hour

95 = 175-205k xp each hour

96 = 180-210k xp each hour

97 = 190-220k xp each hour

98 = 200-230k xp each hour

99 = 210-240k xp each hour


With hawk or eagle prayer it\'ll be even more (up to 300k xp each hour).


You can do 800-1.5k Red Chinchompa\'s each hour.


7.0 Prices


Red ChinChompa\'s: 750 ea - 1k Chins = 750k

Prayer potions 12k ea - 1 Inv ~230k

Super anti poison potions 2k ea

8.0 - F.A.Q.

Q: would a Salve Amulet (e) be any good there? It increases your Strength and Accuracy against Undead monsters by 20%. I\'m wondering if that works for range ...


A:nope, Salve Amulet (e) only works for melee combat.


Q: Can I also train magic here?


A: Yes, it\'s good xp (both range and hp) but very costly.


Q:Will normal chins work here too?


A:No just a big waste of money.


(Will add more questions later if needed)

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I disagree with gear. Wear monk top and mitre but use chaps and vambs more range bonus so u may not get as much out of ppots but you will get more xp.

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I disagree with gear. Wear monk top and mitre but use chaps and vambs more range bonus so u may not get as much out of ppots but you will get more xp.

i like to use hawk eye prayer, since im using this i need more prayer bonus than range, and you wont even last an hour without a regen.

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You can last with black vambs as you are standing under the rocks so the falling ones dont hit you, the xp per hour is way off (i know you got that from zybez but i was getting around 150k-180k xp per hour at 82) and its pointless making the monkeys agressive again because once they re-spawn from the bones they go straight for you.


Decent guide for those new to this.

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Great guide

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I chinned 88-91 range on pl4n3ts and 70-99 on i charlie xl when it had just came out and was realised what it could do, well when libum found out

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