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Teaser GE Image Updates


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These are the only images that were updated on GE (as far as i know)

Note that how they look in the pics below, look the same in inventory.


Dragon Longsword




Rune Longsword




Dragon Scimitar




Rune Scimitar




Future Fighting Animation + Updated Steel Scimitar


Old Animation






What do you guys think about these? Bad, good? Useless? Post your thoughts.


Taken from http://www.zybez.net/community/index.php?s...273496&st=0

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its alright.


Fighter looks lame tbh.

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Such a pointless update. How about they listen to the players once in a while instead of updating 'how the item looks in the GE'.


They need to get their priorites sorted.

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Are jageax trying to make more f2p players quit?!!! The animation makes me want to shoot my computer :blink: !

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Looks so **** tbh, looks like it's back to RuneScape Classic graphics.

Um, ok. In RSC you couldn't even differentiate between types of weapons. A longsword looked exactly like a 2H sword, a shortsword and a dagger.


I think it looks better. I'm interested to see what the longsword looks like when it's actually being held though.

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