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Destructive Pures vs Carnage

Cronic Ko

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Crave it... Crave CARNAGE!

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Need a ML comparison, and i have never seen DP in a mini war, neither with carnage so the clan with the most expierenced members/leadership will win this war. Numbers don't matter in P2P, it's still possible to win by being outmanned.

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I honestly have no clue who would win, because I don't really follow clans.


Good luck to both, though!

Well then why post?


err if a carnage member says his own clan won't win like they said in first page, then, i can only guess dp would?

I think he was joking.

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isnt dp a masser clan? :huh:

Lmfao, you make me laugh.


and tbh, I really don't know who would win, it depends on the pull from both clans. But since I am a DP member, I root for DP and hope that they will win.

"Victory is sweetest when you've known defeat."
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