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  1. It's been a good month and even more after RuneScape 07 was released. It brought back so many nice memories and moments and also made our team #GAP grow up together in Wilderness. It all started like this: And now I am proud to present you our 4th Volume which includes tons of Rune kills, great hits and the variety of pking spots. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jftrRBbkH8 Thank YOU for your time. <3
  2. This PK video consists of more decent loot, great pures single/multi pking while being low levels. Worth watching! Please, Subscribe and Like :P
  3. With an opening of 07scape, my homeclan Fatality was forced to re-open and to defend it's name as a pure elites clan. For a couple of weeks we are not planning any official events due to ''basic stats training'', but you can find our members pking in Wilderness by themselves, in small groups. Feel free to visit our forums: http://clan-fi.net/forums/ or iRC channel #FATALITY. Nothing much else to say. Thoughts?
  4. Glad to see Epidemic fighting. Good job.
  5. Respect for not participating in BS project.
  6. Glad to see clans playing EoC. Wilderness would look much more enjoyable, tbh.
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