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  1. too bad these forums are dead
  2. It also has a P2P world and soon more worlds. I heard the staff on Resolution530 were working on this server for months and it's ready to be released soon. This could be good for F2P based clans, here's their website - http://www.resolution530.com/forum.php. P.S it's safe and it will be an eco based server with 150x xp rater (like Battlescape)!
  3. we're the #1 pure clan of all time, ended 2012 as the #1 pure clan. get some mm you filthy 1 def peasants.
  4. i don't organise preps pm [NME]Marty lol you guys did that to me once, I managed to catch on by the time I reached Prat though noob
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