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  1. Doozy

    The plan

    Glad for PW to be back, best pure community site by far. I'd be willing to help with whatever you need to keep this a safe and enjoyable environment for us all.
  2. The fall of the pure community is inevitable, but I don't see it happening in the near future. Hopefully the game will be revived a bit, im keeping my fingers crossed.
  3. you should check out Final Impact. Were more of an in-game clan than a site based clan. We are home to a lot of low levels, basically all of our members are 40-70 combat. Our website (under construction) is here: http://www.finalimpact.smfnew.com/index.php?wwwRedirect The web site is not much now, but the clan is currently 105 members strong. We do a lot of evens such as castle wars, clw, and of course pking. However, not all 100 of us pk at a time. We like to do small pk trips, so we can get better loots.
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