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  1. don't lie joel, Nme will keep you till they die.
  2. You are close minded if you think its corrupt. They are not, they are just to busy fighting among themselves to get anything done. Politics are now just a tear down of an opposing candidate, rather than a mediator of our Nation. Exactly.
  3. Returning in Mini-wars, and overs..... Glad I quit.
  4. well lemme put it like this "I forgot to turn my swagg off last night, woke up covered in bitches"
  5. you guys suck not really I'm just mad I don't play anymore.
  6. WHAT THE **** THEY JUST KILLED SHANE WHAT THE **** WHAT THE **** WHAT THE ****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY DID I GET DRUNK LAST NIGHT ***** SAKE
  7. reported you for saying "Niggas" Good fight chap.
  8. Around 8pm today as I was checking my facebook messages, My cousin Imed me telling me one of my childhood friends sister died last night in a car accident, at first I was skeptical but he was completely serious, she died at the age of 16 in hazardous road conditions. so my question to you all is How do you handle the death of a friend?
  9. Finally a fight everyone can get hyped up about... not a troll.
  10. eop #1 *everyone laughs* best part.
  11. Brooks Ltd


    Lots of cuties in this clan, but LOL if mitch joins.
  12. Joined Pure Community in Year: I think late 06 early 07 My First Clan choice was: Fearless.
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