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  1. Cristiano Ronaldo will be on fire vs Manchester United. On important Europe games he always shows why he was worth the 94 Million. Bayern Munchen gonna **** on Arsenal for sure. Also Galatasaray vs Schalke 04 seems interesting.
  2. Your gfx is one of the best i have seen who did it and gj beating us hope for another prep
  3. #TLP www.tlp-rs.org active p2p clan with randomly wilderness trips everyday same thing with minis u would fit well in it hope you check us out gl
  4. serious what is young rebels lol
  5. my 0ld clan kills me wtf is this bs **** im gonna reopen IR to rape havoc kk HA
  6. TBH i would be leader of tlp now i gave up my hero of tlp rank i would change that for everything gudtimes.
  7. Look at Fat Addy Daddy thinks his cool now r0fl go make more pictures with your cat L O L!!
  8. not worth lieing bout ur opts we both massed up for nothing rofl gj wasting time
  9. yes, you did get lucky winning the 2nd round damn ma ****** leader is pretty good here
  10. ya walli i know lol whenever i attend a prep we always win cause im there thanks for the shoot out bro
  11. yo bro's good fight shoot out to the flowers for the great fun looking battlefield
  12. TLP was not a challenge? LOL already made my day and im just bout to sleep!!!
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