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  1. you're incredibly confused man, I'd like to see f2p servers come back personally. But I feel that the f2p clans will be competing in p2p, simply because f2p clans like EoP and CP have been around long enough to know what to do in both servers, they simply lacked interest since their focus was in the different area but now that there is only one server to focus on, I feel they will be able to compete with the hpc clans. Epidemic's leadership has yet to prove anything since 2009/NME.
  2. Ur from xl wich means that you are new but let me explain,NME slumped and smashed cp for 4 months even tho being 1-10 def most of the time and then they felt bad for cp and let them rebuild wich didnt go well either lmfao but i dont have to say anything more about cp since idiots like you who werent even ranked in xl got ranked in cp so please dont talk about slumping when you have slumped since day 1. Thx and have a good day ~ u went 22-200 once.
  3. flaming weezy doesn't make battlescape any better. l0l
  4. 1. why fight scumcunts who ddos/phise to win, Cp tactics in the FI' fullout and is a clear example of why we were right not to. 2. never forced advised :thumbsup: 3. we got defence in march and owned all the **** med clans such as yourself until August 4. we forced you to pull 16 and got bored of you in june where we then fought eop for the next 2 months and forgot about you little guys, but you were 'opsessed' and you spent it in mossies waiting. 5.we were pulling at least 30 half way into september so even if you can claim that was you it only took you an entire year to do it, better late then never, oh wait it was never, didn't happen. 6. 7. we refused to prep scum **** clans like you who would ddos everyone to win (> see your full out prep vs FI where you ddos'd like 20 people to win) 8. We don't plan scaping all our lives, if that was true that would have been EOP who did it, you were irelvent for months sorry 9. you slumped from september 11 to february 12 and then march till august due to us. it took you 5 months to get a win against 1-10 defence because we actually had balls. You hugged mossies september-december, the first time you get on top of us we fought in mutli and gave you a proper fight, not hugged mossies 10. EoC /EoP did that, not you. 11. Actually Ben did that :thumbsup: NME is still a closed clan lol
  5. zenith closed =c Alex's rip zenith has more views than zenith's. lol
  6. is your name husky cos u r like rly fat or wat?? Husky would **** you up. Lol
  7. Wow your turning into that [Z]Albania guy, obsessed with flaming CP I'm not, its just cp is giving me allot of things to laugh about atm, acting like your #1 EoC because you have +10 on a main clan when they only have 20, also don't think clans are not trying to compete with you because of how good you think you are, its because of the update and nothing other. This update has made 30defs hp only 1-2k hp off a f2p main, would love to see you in p2p tho hostility couldn't even beat cp with +10.
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