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  1. i <3 dp xD nice job guys, wish i was there, even tho p2p isnt my thing
  2. hi inu and jared whos viewing this topic as i am CR will always be my favorite clan, next to ep/dp. We had an amazing run, and whoever wasnt in cr missed out. We had the most humorous members out of the pure community with us who kept everything amusing, even serious funny trolls. We'll never forget. CR is truely 2009
  3. King: family guy queen: simpsons prince: futurama enemy: southpark
  4. Carpediem We mini daily F2P BASED #carpediem <<--- check us out :] If that doesnt work out, then I'd suggest DP. they're an awesome clan :]
  5. lol at people continuing posting after they already found a clan.. shows how much they actually read
  6. Lep

    Air alter.

    seems better. has a musician to restore run
  7. how do u even do that in paint -_0
  8. Lep


    hi pure warfare, just wanted to get known around here a bit i'm 1 hit pk ya... started pking around late '04's... and now as rs has grown, it has gotten a lot more screwed up, yet I still play for clans :mellow: Some of you might have seen me at mini's representing Carpediem ;) /world domination
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