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  1. Bamf

    Havoc Vs Fatality

    Thanks for the mini, was fun with those rules :P I clutched 1st round
  2. 10m bet you didnt watch the last part of the video. ;p I wish someone recorded the TS was so funny lmfao
  3. I can understand why certain clans make these type of GIF's :kanye: Spoiler:
  4. Thanks to everyone that showed up, hope you got something good at the end. ;)
  5. I love how people are saying "Great read!!!1111, Join a REAL clan @ Www._______.com" r0fl
  6. Who ever has the better booters wins
  7. That's like having a Bugatti and a shitbox in your drive way, Why use the shitbox if you can use a Bugatti? If MM wants a 1def cap, we will be happy to accept a prep vs them. /Query [Fi]Addy_Daddy if you want to set up a prep. ;D
  8. Didn't know it was Friday today?
  9. M8, that excuse isn't good enough. Everyone knows how to p2p...there's no such thing as specializing in f2p, being new to the mpc is not a excuse either. M8...M8...M8.. It's like me saying go to Nex and solo it, It's easy right? ;p
  10. Got like 230 days, nearly 500m xp
  11. shut up idiot every1 besides mm has high def adapt and adjust or gtfo Not on the level you are on. FOE averages 22 def, EOP averages 24. Do you realize how much more 39 def you need to get that extra boost of 5 extra defense averaged? You are simply not a pure clan. FOE and EOP at least have SOME 1 or 20 defers. You have none. Maybe 2, or 3. Everyone but MM has high defense, but you take it to another level. The sad part is that you cannot compete otherwise. Once again, enjoy the win. We'll enjoy beating you matched with 1 def rules. Simple as that. WIthout your addy, you are nothing. We don't have any 39def in our clan, and only like 3 38's. We also have 50+ 120's+ while other clans that accept 35def only have around ~30, so ovsly our def averages are going to be higher. ;p
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