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  1. Runescape 2006 with X5 xp rates. Owners support the use of Bots since the server is purely made for pking although the Server is ECO (u gotta make $$) Site : http://www.near-reality.com/forums/ DL's/Weblcient : http://nrclient.com/play/ Been playing it 2days for hour or 2...
  2. CPR had the most chaotics, overloads and turmoilers for their time i'm pretty sure. Can agree with you on Carnage/DP though. As far as levels and such, they were on par with mostly everyone, but still managed to be good matched. No they didn't, they only had 1 overloader (punkster 18) until around free trade time that's when they got more overloaders. DP also had an overloader (R A Gl E) I don't think they had any other one for a while but I'm pretty sure they got some more before they closed. I am also pretty sure CPR didn't accept turmoil back then as well. Carnage didn't have ****, we had a few members who could afford to go all out on their accounts but for the most part everyone just cared to have enough for PK trips Team inc/Pot = most chaotics/ovls without a doubt. (this was before freetrades/any dg bots)
  3. Lmfao. Every lost connection is a ddos, right? He left MM and has been getting hit off since then, so yes this particular connection lost is a ddos, idiot. Yes, you see that's what we do. We ddos irrelevant clans with one week left of RS2 in what is, essentially, a meaningless prep. And I'm the idiot?
  4. couldnt agree more from someone who isnt in Fatality's POV
  5. gratz on the win Foe, on the other hand gj massing up to be trollled Fi. LOL
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