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65 cb


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get 20 defence then you can join cp. ;D


Nah srsly, I'd like you to join CP nice little account you have going but we're 80-90% f2p so if you want p2p try TLP.

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It's Heartless. Goodluck finding a clan with your immaturity. Wouldn't ever accept this guy if I was a clanleader. Adios.

you wouldnt know imature if it ****** you in the nips ^^


you want immature? spend a day with matt and HE will show you immature >:)


official jockk jokerr



While you're steaming over PW, I'm chilling @ school as top dog.. ouch.
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danky, #irclan i know its in u

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You have the reqs. p2p based. good community. Check us out.

"So count your money, ill count my friends, we will see who's richer in the end."


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If you still looking for a clan, try Exiled Force. We are a small clan atm and been opened for almost 2 months. We also just started p2p minis and event, too. Come by #clan-ef or check out our forum: http://exiledforce.b1.jcink.com/ .

Join EF today at:





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arjew called me a ******* retard, cus I like the bears :down:


If you join I might join and then we have Arjew and we can have live sports talks on Saturdays and Sundays during the games. We can be the #1 sports clan.

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Hey Dank you have the two 80+ stats to join CP, were really active in f2p and starting to do more p2p. Our ranks would always be willing to help you out and hang out


If your're looking for players more of your level you should join zenith, their really good in both servers and have pretty good ranks and members.


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