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Which Trip does your clan take more Serious?


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So every weekend most clans have a F2p trip and a P2p Trip.

Which Does your clan take more serious? Or in other words for which trip is your clan most pumped for?

Or would you say its Equal for both?


Saturday -F2p

Sunday- P2p

or Both


Pick one

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Honestly neither lol, just go out for lawlz.

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(16:25:47) <+Yo_Kimbo> i got faking ddosed

(16:25:49) <+Yo_Kimbo> i got ddosed

(16:27:46) <+[Foe]Sick`Away> mm youre such *******

(16:27:48) <+[Foe]Sick`Away> stop ******* ddosing

(16:27:54) <+[Foe]Life_To_Dds> mm ur mothers irl ******* feqs

(16:30:21) <%[Foe]Xfresh|Jordan> its getting ddosed again

(16:30:23) <+Ultra> can we move to eop ts or something

(16:30:26) <+Ultra> 3rd ******* time

(16:30:13) <+Ikz> 100-0 cmon guys they didnt even hit you and u lost

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P2p, but i would like to see both :confused:

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f2p but im not in a clan and i hope pw stays alive and people excluding the idiots migrate back from PN

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I'd say the leaders of MM take everything with equal seriousness and the members take sundays more seriously. Even if we have an off-pull on Saturday we somehow get more people to come the day directly after for the P2P event.


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