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Quality Vs. Quantity

True Whip

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(02:49:17) -[iM]RuneScript- *** [ CLAN COMPARE ]: Comparing [FOE] Final Ownage Elite ( http://Foe-Rs.Com ) to [MM] Mayhem Makers ( http://mm-rs.org ) | Format: FOE/MM (The difference)

(02:49:18) -[iM]RuneScript- *** [ CLAN COMPARE ]: FOE/MM | Members: 94/145 (-51) | Avg: Cmb: (F2P: 80.18/79.89 (+0.29) | P2P: 85.61/83.59 (+2.02)) HP: 90.51/89.87 (+0.64) Mage: 95.5/94.64 (+0.86) Range: 95.34/94.88 (+0.46) | Skill Total: 1,423/1,371 (+52)


Had a fun weekend, how was everybody elses?

~It's not flame baiting if it's true~

~You may hate what I say, but I love when you hate~
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Foe Pride baby.



^ Thank you so much Devlz for the amazing sig! <3


Pm [Foe]Jess if you ever have questions about Foe or want to get my referral.


~ Never cheat, never lie, Final Ownage till I DIE! ~
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Stupid topic really.


Besides, everyone knows that 30 defence > Quality > Quantity

Tom N Eto. 99 Range, 99 Strength, 99 Hitpoints Pure.
Ex-The Hatred High Council.
Ex-The Dreaded High Council
Malice Founder. Something words can't describe.

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So now, when is EoP coming back?

"Practice + Determination isn't coincidence." Retired
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mm ontop


Our fight was epic.

Control #1 Med

Accepted To Control 12/10/10
Promoted to Officer Of Control 12/28/10
Promoted to Warlord Of Control 5/1/2011

Founder of Hate - 2k14

Leader of Trauma - 2k14


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un needed topic.


tlp at this current time is still the most accurate definition of this theory.


We are working on it, no need to draw attention at this moment in time and our averages are still weak and need to be better imo.


Also stop leaving out str just because we lose in it.


for any1 who cares, mm got higher str average than foe which is why they beat down more often with their scims in tha f2p!!!!!


foe sw trips coming soon for str lvls plz



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oh you're talking about when EOP wiped you in a matched opt f2p prep?

Or possibly when ROT gwas'd you guys on Sunday ?

OR maybe you're talking about how you guys were scared to rush MM on Sunday after we were waiting in a pvp world for 20+minutes.

OR! You're referring to how FOE declines MM's full-out offer!??


WAIT , you must be referring to TLP ?



OHHH no you're posting a troll topic claiming FOE accepts better members than MM ?


You guys don't even put your associates on your ML , I suppose you guys are really in need of more recruits lol :laugh:




@moderators .... you really going to leave this stupid topic open ?

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