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Foe clears Rot in a 2 hour and 33 min war.


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**** happens, how is it 100% failed agains fault.


if hes leading ingame he obv cant controll his scouts cuz hes busy leading, thats the job of other ranks to talk with other FOE scouts and get locs on every other clan.


not @ all his fault

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i told him rot was there..


not having a go was **** funny rofl, happens to the best of clans now and then as rot vids show if u watch them lol


just thought id share our epic battle with every1, we made the dp back in delicious loot soon after so its all good.



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when we killed half ur slow pokes before you got up bh and sat at the stairs for nothing heheehhe


also when we killed fi and eop and ir and several other clans a few times. Pretty crazy trip tbh.



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