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black ops


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Went 5-0 on Free for all right away. Was decent. I stayed on the same map the whole time? I don't know about that. Perk system is confusing as ****. Coin system is bull, I would rather level to get my ****, not play Runescape via COD and buy things. Maps are decent. I need to learn them


CoD4 > All



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stole alot of things from reach tbh


i have a bias tbh since i play halo and my brosef plays cod, but we both watch each other once in a while


i honestly dont think they improved on the actual game play from mw2. will be playing campaign some day

Attack Big Alex 67(Level-85+10)/ 2 more options





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I played it at my friends house, and it's decent. Really like the wage matches, creates some originality honestly.. Still thinking about whether I should get it or not though.



Quit RS February 2010, join the club? Sold Pker D o M Btw, if anyone cares.
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Havent played it yet but my buddy made a lil avatar thingy of a pink horse ******* a duck, thought it was badass.

"Practice + Determination isn't coincidence." Retired
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