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Ch Pride


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Wednesday 24th November 2010, Ir and Ch agree to a matched f2p battle.



20 def cap

Corrupt/Dung off

2 rounds Classic 3rd round i didn't know coz Ch rage quit and that's their pride.



Round 1: Ir defends


Ir Starting: 17

Ch Starting: 17


Ir Ending: 13

Ch Ending: 0


Round 2: Ir attacks


Ir Starting: 19

Ch Starting: 19



Ir Ending: 15

Ch Ending: 0


Prior to our prep, the day before Ch beat Tp 3-0 in matched prep. I don't know what they were thinking LOL. They thought that was enough to beat Ir? Never.


Yet again it was a fun prep so thanks Ch.

Retired PureWarfare Moderator


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its CH in f2p matched

just like cp f2p matched. :whistling:



O god here it goes again



"Practice + Determination isn't coincidence." Retired
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Sorry about leaving. Our performance was really lacking, and Duval was mad as usual. Lol. In the process we found a spy before the prep, which I was happy about. Good job on the prep, impressive levels, next time we should do 1 defense.


Shame you only pulled around 19. We had to sit 6-7ish people each around.


I don't think beating TP makes us think we can beat you. We simply did it for practice, you're trying to make us sound cocky. It's all in fun. Junior asked us, not the other way around. We'll get there eventually.


Proud Leader of Hostility

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why all the flame over a small fun war..?


IR stop flame baiting in your topic.

CH stop replying to the flame baits.


Problem solved.


And I don't see how Zenith, EOP, and CP got caught up in this. Just stick to the topic and stop flaming everyone.


Gj IR, but stop baiting.

Plnkaroundme | Proud Ex-Corrupt Pures General | Ex-Warring God
I Don't Scape Anymore
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