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Next #1?


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So, who will be the next solidified #1? Something like FI was, FOE was, MM was, during their reigns. There is no solid #1 right now and I think it's good for every clan involved. Will it be a surprise? Or the usual?


Posting a lot of topics because I'm currently bored.


I believe it'll be the next winner of a fullout in the top 4. Maybe between FOE and MM.


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My prediction:


Nothing will change. EOP is not progressing, MM is still behind FOE, CP's numbers will drop and they'll be knocked back to #5, TLP will remain constant. Nothing much will change.

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MM is the best in f2p, Foe is the best in p2p .... I dont really see a change coming anytime soon or a legit '#1 clan'

(16:25:47) <+Yo_Kimbo> i got faking ddosed

(16:25:49) <+Yo_Kimbo> i got ddosed

(16:27:46) <+[Foe]Sick`Away> mm youre such *******

(16:27:48) <+[Foe]Sick`Away> stop ******* ddosing

(16:27:54) <+[Foe]Life_To_Dds> mm ur mothers irl ******* feqs

(16:30:21) <%[Foe]Xfresh|Jordan> its getting ddosed again

(16:30:23) <+Ultra> can we move to eop ts or something

(16:30:26) <+Ultra> 3rd ******* time

(16:30:13) <+Ikz> 100-0 cmon guys they didnt even hit you and u lost

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if either foe or mm slump like fi did nothing will change imo. Both can have 2-3 bad weekends but nothing over 2 months.

(15:26:05) <@[CP]Drunk> i told u idiots

(15:26:08) <@[CP]Drunk> u dont fight eop

(15:26:10) <@[CP]Drunk> of coursem y officials

(15:26:12) <@[CP]Drunk> are to stupid



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foe aren't good enough f2p to take it from mm

mm aren't good enough p2p to take it from foe (presumably, but idk we were pretty confident before when we declared 3 times in a row and it got declined all 3 times)


i think it'll stay this way for awhile

its pretty boring but meh


i think in the end it will be a competition of who stays interested the longest. one clan as a whole (leaders and most members) will lose interest and the other will take control.

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I see in 10 - 20 years time a new clan of sick WoW members coming to runescape and raping all pure clans. Just saying.

If anything the RS pure world should go to the WoW pure world ( twinks ) and take over.



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foe #1 p2p

mm #1 f2p

always will be ^


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-Proud former member of #Dpures

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FOE are the #1 clan, MM haven't offered any competition in p2p for a hella long time, and are pulling 40s to sunday trips. FOE beat MM in f2p on a regular basis.


so there :cool:

The few kids who come on their zerks to our trip either lost their pure or are old school and only get on for trips. These kids are in mith or addy...


>pure world

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