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From my view. Corrupt Pures, Zenith and The Last Pures doing really well. There seems to be no LPC Sunday PK Trips nor LPC Saturday (I could be wrong) Seems to me more LPC are created. I think most of the med and high levels are pulling over 40. Many clans got a new look I notice. How you doing old timer? :)


EDIT: Clanless/ No Time to scape FTW!

PM if you need assistance.

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CP massed up 50 people and now pull 100 to f2p and 40 to p2p. FOE and MM are going at it. TLP is doing good in both f2p/p2p. IR is slacking. CH is slacking. DP died. EOP is pulling 60s/70s. Z reopened and is pulling 50s. Low level clans are dead.

R.I.P Zenith - Gone, but never forgotten.
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#1 pure clan died


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The pure clan is slumping at a incredible rate.

Not really. I mean, look at what CP is doing. That's not really slumping. New people are coming into the community. A whole new generation is coming into this thing we call "pure". But a lot of the old schoolers are leaving. It's not really a slump, more of a change.

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Some clans improved greatly, Zenith is doing good right now pulling 50 to f2p 40 to p2p, cp pulling over a 100, and TLP improving greatly in both servers, honour is lost within clans more crashing then ever and more mains in fights.


DP closed

CX closed

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There's less clans to choose from, not much low level worth getting into anymore but it was decent for awhile and I'm sure it'll be back soon.


Basically all the small clans dieing out, some of the med clans getting stronger, bigger clans slowing down.

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It's pretty much the same.


Top two mm/foe


5-6 is tlp/fi.


Only thing different is CP had a clan die and the majority of the members join them so we have far more numbers then everyone else for last 2 weeks. Don't expect it to last. Although we learnt FOE haven't changed from a year ago when Epidemic started raping them. Run away, use lame ass tactics and have weak excuses.


EOP actually have balls though.


Anyways expect it to return to mm/foe/eop with cp bringing up the rear with FI/TLP

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slump / LPC's Are gonna be comming back to the scene


Our fight was epic.

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