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~Current Life~

I LOVE dancing. I think that I got a spark that I was an amazing dancer this year, when my Ex-Girlfriend(Stupid *****) admired my dancing, so I decided to take 6 classes this summer and I danced my fatigue right out the window. I have Insomnia, so I can't sleep too well ): No fun. Haha I am an extremely energetic, african american, 16 year old. Born September 6th 1994! :) Not too many things have been happening to make me as happy as I am lately, I recently broke up with my first ever love of my life, we are still friends but not as close as I would want to be. Umm I just found out about the Illuminati, and I have no idea whether to believe that it is real or false. I think that it is real but people are just putting a little bit too much mustard on it. Or is that what they want us to think?? Haha, I hope not. I think I'm obsessed with the move Obsessed, that has Beyonce in it. Who knew she could act, Not me! But haha everyone has hidden talents such as me, like I said earlier I can dance, I can sing, I can play any game and be a great competitor and contributor, I can create sites, add CSS sheets. I can act, I'm in a drama club hehe :). I feel kinda gay saying that but I'm not LOL. Umm what else can I do. I love love love me some sports, I play Basketball, coach football 3-4th graders, and Run track. And I am just learning to play the piano, one of the greatest things in the world. I have a newer girlfriend, she's a cutie Hehe. Pretty much it....

~Future Life Dreams~

I want this relationship that I have with this new girl to last for a while.. I also want to stay friends with some of the closest people to me at the moment. I wanted to be a firefighter before, but I don't anymore, I want to be a counselor for kids around my age, because that's when the most problems occur in there life. I want to be a History teacher just like my older brother. Umm The college I plan on attending is UTA University at Texas in Arlington, the same one that my brother attends now hahaha, I look up to my brother He means a lot to me. In the future I also want to be a coach, for any sport. I want to open my own gym, for Dancers, and sports if you want to lift weights then you can join the Olympics LOL!! I want a companion. I want someone that I can talk to from my youth, all the way till my death. I want a bestfriend the one I have is kind of annoying but he is a great friend. Umm In the future I want to be a Father that has time on his hands to always be able to help his children with what ever they need and when ever they need it, like one of those football Dad's who just "KNOW" that his kid is the best one out there. My kids better play sports, better be straight A students, and better be respectful, just like Me!! I want to live some where Peaceful. Like the Bahamas, or Egypt, just a peaceful surrounded area. I want to travel all the time as an adult. Umm hmm I want a normal sized house. 2 bathroom 3 bedroom with a Game Room and a Media Room, in my game room I want the walls professionally paint splattered, and I want my media room Burgundy. The rest of my house will be brown, and burgundy as well. Haha I'm thinking too far ahead. But this is just the kind of person I am, I think of "today as the Past"--Drake Graham.


~Religious Views~


At the moment, I dont know what to believe. The reason being is because I dont know what's real and what isnt, there are too many options to choose from so why not be open-minded? Most people I know have no idea what it means to be a "Christian" which means to be Christ Like, Haha they would give me a longgggg story about what a christian is and it would never really answer my question.

~Political Views~


Everyone in politics to me are Hypocrites. The reason why, is because what Barrack Obama is trying to do is give health care, and no one thinks it's necessary until they get injured. But also Obama is a hypocrite as well. He said that he would end the war, yet he sent more troops over. I just don't have a Political view because I don't want to fill my head with Non-sense about all of this when in a couple of years the military is just going to take over! Conservative...


~Educational Views~


Education is EVERYTHING.



Began playing in 2006. Thats when the bull **** addiction started. I made my first account which was my entire name. lmao Kareembrooks. The account was **** I quit it when it had 43 attack 37 strength 36 hp 51 range and 37 defense. Then i made my first pure. Mp40z 0wn, which was a twin. I soon quit it due to the fact my twin quit. But I went back to it. I joined Divinity, my first pure clan ever. At the time it was either this or Corrupt Pures. So I joined divinity, idk why haha.. regretted it. After all that ish went down, I made my own clan, had No idea what I was doing, but made a few friends and good times on the downpour of a **** clan. Named it Serenity, that's where I met half the kids I keep in touch with in CP today. After I closed it due to a merge I had no idea about, I left the clan it merged into because I knew it wasn't going to do any good, and went into Corrupt Pures, I left, CP plenty times. And every time I seem to have crept my way back to them. An amazing all around clan I love it there. We could do a little work on p2p, including my self but forget about it, f2p is alright as of now. I got ranked Elite member November(: I was also voted most reliable in the summer(: which is true to this day. And I just love CP won't leave it for anything.




on a bad day ):


And that is just a longgggg Story on who I am. Kareem|Batman Much Love Bye

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:o Hi Hi



My Story:


I'm Shawn



"Practice + Determination isn't coincidence." Retired
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i was gonna saw something else but since im at 80% warn I decided i'd just say hi

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I saw this and it reminded me of this post



Enjoy =]

"Practice + Determination isn't coincidence." Retired
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You honestly sounded like you were a gay black man from your post..


Your probably not though, considering you have a gf=) Welcome to the forums though, and you have some interesting points of views. Also good luck with school, guessing your a junior like me, and this is our hardest and most important year, so we gotta do good to get into a good school. Hope things work out.



Quit RS February 2010, join the club? Sold Pker D o M Btw, if anyone cares.
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tl;dr sorry lol.


briefly scanning over your biography i noticed that you said everyone in politics was a hypocrite then focused solely on obama. is it because hes black? are you racist? why didn't you mention any white politicians? are we not good enough for you?????

lifes a ***** n then ya die
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