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Infinity is just eye candy for morons..


Stay 20 or get 30 with a hand cannon, turmoil isn't worth getting on pures anymore, especially when they make the new soaking update..

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You do not want 25 defence as I am 25 defence. I wish I was 20 defence, it makes you more of a pure and makes you feel good all inside. 25 defence makes you so much more of a main, but hey sucks to be me ;) .

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20 def vs 25 def


/discuss pros & cons


I prefer 20 def, but if I reach 150m bank - I've decided to go 25 def, what would I need to quest for it?

But 20 def is fun for PKing solo :P

^ Yeah no.

OT: 20 Defense is better than 25, since Mystic > Infinity and is also easier than 25 def F2P Pking.

So i'd suggest staying 20 defense B)

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25 def gives a small advantage in the free to play clan warring. By the level being higher the less you will get attacked and you can do more with strength. But 20 def is better for solo pking by keeping you a lower combat fighting more pures then mains.

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If you don't have what lies below done, do it to get you from 20 to 25.

I say stay 20, because almost all clans cry when you ask for any def cap higher than 20.

Unless you want to be a PCL prod . . . (:

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