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Trip times


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No, i have to arrange to go out with my friends early to do stuff with them if I attend RS trips, which i have been alot lately. If anything it should be put forward to help out the GMT kids ):


honestly 8:30 pm to 12pm, ******* stupid ass for us ):

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No, stupid topic.

It's dumb that we moved trip times back... That only happened because MM switched to hide from FOE, and bunch of complacent ******* followed.


10 est = 4 am dutch times...

So no europeans would be at trip and also as far as it goes for america...

I'd much rather wake up early afternoon on the weekends, get some lunch, attend a FOE trip, and be going out around 6 pm or so...

IDK about you, but I have a social life.. I'm not on at 10 pm est on the weekends.

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You're stupid. Trip times will always be difficult for one group here and there. For us PST's example, I have to wakeup early as ****. If the trip times were at night (for the Western Hemisphere), lol there wouldn't be a Pure Community.


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Wont happen lol Gmt will miss out

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You have to make it comfortable for all time zones. 10:00 est would be 3:00 gmt lol...


The times that are set now are pretty good for all time zones, so there's no need to change them, although sometimes I wish I was GMT based and trips didn't start till like 9:00. Then I could do what I had to do in the day, but yeah I don't mind where they're now :)




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