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Just today, I finally got 80 DG and now i have a little dilemma.

I don't know what I should get with 200k tokens.


Stats as of right now:

60 Att

94 str

2 Def

90 range

94 mage

53 prayer

84 HP



My choices:


60 attack:

I can stay 60 attack, max out, and save up enough for Chaotic staff and Chaotic Crossbow along with rigour


80 Attack:

I can get 80 attack and buy rapier/maul. Eventually will save up enough for staff and crossbow. However, if I take this road which chaotic weapon should I get first? (Which is more fun? for minis? for pking?)


The reason im against 80 attack is because i've been told multiple times that 61+ attack ruins accounts. It makes being a pure not fun, and I definitly don't want that. Would really appreciate some feedback on some people who have been 60 att pures and 60+ att pures. Suggestions?

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Never been above 50atk but I'd say try to stay as low as possible. Attack really is a useless stat, you can easily rely on ranged/magic and be a great pker without all the extra combat levels. Not sure what the attack reqs are for the rapier/maul but g2h/staff/bow are perfectly fine for warring.

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I hear that Chaotic Crossbow does WORK, with your stats it'd be a good option...



If i were you i'd either get Crossbow then rigour then Stream then Staff


orrrr Stream then staff then crossbow then rigour









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Rapier works pretty well in terms of pking, but it also puts you at a fairly high combat. I think maxed 80 attack 1 def is 89 combat. I'm 94 cb and pking 1v1 is kind of crappy.


I've never had/used staff or crossbow so I can't really comment on them.

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there could be good arguments made for both choices


if you stay 60 attack it depends. if your going to get 99 range asap get the crossbow + rigour done first. if not then get a chaotic staff + arcane stream for max mage bonus damage with barrage.


if you got 80 attack id get rapier because its a good all-around weapon for whatever you would like to do. in my opinion 80 attack makes it a lot harder to pk thus ruining the fun of being a pure in some opinions because it raises your combat and the only people you would be fighting are rune pures with like max str bonus, veng, and 85+str


personally id keep 60 attack and get the staff but it really depends on what you prefer. do you prefer to pk or to clan?

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My advice is staying 60 attack, and getting STAFF first, (if you brid). I wouldn't reccomend rigour, but I would stay 60 attack. With the recent update, Staff and Cbow actually have a decent protect value. I have crossbow, but its real uses are outside of PvP. Its great for staking/slayer/training, and personally, I love it.


80 attack is nice, but higher combat pking is alot different. I miss my 50 attack days. :P


Crossbow is great. It was my 1st chaotic on this account, and is probably my favorite.





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get rapier, im a lvl 85 zerk and i get demolished by rapiers

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for p2p mini's, crossbow wont help much. chaotic rapier or maul for p2p mini's would be your best bet, get 82 dung and get stream+rigour if your against attack levels. although 80 attack pures can do good if you dont get above 90 cmb. but if you like the levels you pk at atm, then stream+rigour or stream+staff is your best option

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Stream then staff then cbow and stay 60 attack definitely. I don't see a point of getting 60+ attack unless you get 99, anything between is awkward imo.

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If you're keen upon staying 60Att then get the Stream then the Staff. (I've never really used the Crossbow so I can't comment on that matter.) In my personal experiences.. SOL and the Arcane Stream work wonderful together. The staff would be great to have but for the time being.. SOL does the trick.


If you're considering 80Att... Then you have a few options.


Rapier: Excellent for PvP and PvM. Works wonderfully pking, training, minis, Clan Wars, etc. It's extremely accurate and hits hard.


Maul: That ****** thing hits HUGE. It hits really well through 1-45Def. Once you start getting into 50+... Without Turmoil, it's not going to do all THAT well... But it will still bring satisfaction. It's an excellent weapon for Pking, minis, and Clan Wars. Most of my friends, as well as myself... Realized that the Maul is plainly more fun then the Rapier. It's sorta like having an Obby Maul with a Zerker Necklace. It's fun because of the type of weapon it is and how it hits.. It hits hard and that's definitely satisfying. There are a lot of things you can do with it as far as switches and such, as well.


In my own personal opinion and experiences... I used the Rapier more often.. But I loved the Maul. The Stream was used whenever I was maging... (Which wasn't nearly as much as I was using Melee)


80Att is well worth it, in my opinion. It opens the door to much better loot, different challenges and all around more of the game. Another thing to think about is.. If you decided to get 80Att.. What if you got 13Def for Rune Gloves and got a Korasi? Just an idea.


Good luck on your decision.

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i was a maxed pure with 99atk not worth it you'll end up getting wrecked by turm zerks and tanks like i do unless u just go out there for fun then get 80+atk but if u go to wild for money stay 60atk not worth the attack lvls imo

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