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Hello, and welcome back to Pure Warfare.


We've just had a massive revamp of the forums, this includes adding new ones, and changing old ones so that they are more appropriate.


You may also notice we have our own skin, which you won't find anywhere else, as well as our new banner.


More updates will come pretty soon, we're hoping to release our very own SOTW (Sig of the week) as early as we can, but in order to do that we need more graphical geniuses to join.


There are also plans to select various moderators over the next few weeks, so be cool, have fun, be mature and obey the rules and who knows; maybe you'll get chosen. As well as moderator ranks we also have other ranks, for example, honoured member, senior member and clan leader. Each have their own private forum so get impressing us.


Also, for any of the clans that are here. If you own a clan and you would like to help out, you can start by advertising to your clan members, or even just adding a link to Pure Warfare in your header. It won't take long and it will seriously help.




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the banner suits the skin well, though I think i'll be sticking to the 'default ipb' one, this one is too dark compared to forums i use regularly.


(Also, the skin background is almost the same as Malice's, great job [the diagonal lines] but I presume this could be said about a lot of skins, it's a background!)

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