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Hot as lava; EOP reunite MMHF and FiElites.


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After our great pull and performance in our prep yesterday, we hoped for more of the same today, and thats exactly what we got, peaking at around 70 in the fc and forcing all our competition to need to team with their main allies to combat us. From the very start of the trip, Fatality went back to their old methods of calling on their old HC Nippon leading his team of 20 mains to help them against us, while MM called upon an old ally we hadn't seen in a few months to stop us wrecking them.

Unfortunately our KDR was not great today due to us having to combat with 2 clans and their main allies at once for virtually the entire trip, but this didn't mean it wasn't a succesful trip, so thanks to the other clans for attempting to compete with us, but hopefully next week you can do so by yourselves.

Safe to say that todays trip performance was...hotter than lava; (ahahahahaha)




Roman: (only the fight with Fi)


Eruption of Pures vs Mayhem Makers

Our first fight of the day came as we heard MM and FOE were battling around south of 13 ports. Seeing as MM attempted to crash every single one of our fights last week, we repaid the favour and rushed in from the north of the battle. Was pretty much carnage as we wrecked the entirety of MM as they weren't sure whether to run, log, tele or fight, while suffering hardly any losses. When they were virtually cleared the call finally came from their shellshocked callers to run down to edge.


Eruption of Pures vs Fatality + Elites

And so began todays pathetic teaming. We scouted Fi walking down next to the west graveyard entrance and hit them. We were suprised they had dared to come so close to us in multi, but our questions were soon answered when a team of 20 or so mains in Fatality capes rushed us from the south, sandwiching us between the pures and the mains. Unfortunately this cheap tactic did not save Fi, as we were already pushing them north, and pushed them all the way into spider village and into the furnace hut. We continued the pressure marching after with our corrupts as nearly all our piles went down instantly while we tanked the mains sniping us from behind. We all but cleared Fatality here and we realised we were just fighting the mains now, and as we heard that MM had logged in at corp to get the cheap hit, we ran down to graveyard and logged out.

Apparantley Fi ranks claimed a win on this fight in their ts, not sure how when the kdr tracker showed they had about 20 kills and over 60 deaths for that particular fight.


Eruption of Pures vs final ownage elite

We banked and headed back out, and scouted a hit in the next world. We hopped in multi next to the bh crater and unexpectedly logged in right next to FOE. The two clans did battle, but we ended up pushing them up north into single at the ne steps where the majority of them were cleared. We heard that MM were planning to crash this as well so we left the last dozen or so FOE in single and dipped to mossies.


Eruption of Pures vs Fatality + Elites

From this moment onwards, for the entirety of our trip, Fi and MM were in the same world, as were Nippon's mains. We'd dipped to mossies as we heard MM were coming to crash our fight with FOE, and ran into Fi + Elites at mossies. They hit us in single as we heard MM were rushing from corp intending to 3v1 us in single. We stayed for a while and killed a few Fi, but once MM came we decided against staying to fight 1v3, and called to log out.


Eruption of Pures vs mayhem makers + Higher Force + Elites

We had roughly the same as MM at this point and we were interested in giving them a fight. Unfortunately our leaks informed us that Fi and MM were a handful of maps away from each other in the same world at all times, whenever we hopped they would both hop and inch towards us. We asked a few clans if they were interested in a 2v2 but no-one wanted to help, so we just played it safe and waited until we got word Fi were home-porting to bank. We knew we had to seize this opportunity to get MM alone, however as soon as Fi began to tele out they started running towards level 1. We caught them near CA at about level 20 wild and hit them hard. They ran off with their tails between their legs as they didn't even attempt to fight us, and we chased them down about 12 wilderness levels until they turned around and began to fight.

Now that half our clan couldn't even attack their mass recruited level 80s, they were confident they could fight us. Unfortunately even that advantage was not enough, and we heard the horn sound around the hills of gielnor for the old cavalry. And sure enough, HF came running around with their typical 15 man pull and began attacking our high levels. We stayed and fought 1v2 for a while against the MMHF combo as we had done so many times before in the past, and then Nippon's team showed up and began sniping us from around fog, making it now 1v3 and making it impossible to return. In the face of all these odds we decided to dip, MM ranks had embarassed themselves in front of their own members, running and calling HF to fight a clan with the same number as them, and that was enough for us.


Eruption of Pures vs Mayhem Makers+ Higher Force + Elites

We banked and headed back out, and again MM, HF, Fi and Elites were all in the same world, effectively leaving us unable to do anything. We stood at ne steps for a few minutes discussing our next move, when the 4 clans hopped together and rushed towards us. I believe CP and/or NME ended up hitting Fatality, however the other 3 rushed us in single at ne steps, and we said meh and fought them there. LS showed up and began killing their rivals elites, who ended up running away, leaving us to only fight MM and HF. We pretty much wrecked MM lol, they were the ones to rush us in single with their main friends, and after about 5 minutes of k0ing them they ran off to east of spider village, leaving HF to meatshield for them as they escaped. After a few minutes of fighting HF in single this got boring and we left.


We realised this trip was going nowhere due to the disgraceful 4v1 teaming against us, so we decided we'd just hit CP and end. We heard they were at the west altar, however by the time we got there they were outside it and in single. We attacked as many as we could that didn't log, and chased them all the way down to bandit camp where it became multi and we killed them. MM and HF tried to rush us again here but they were so horribly spread we ended up killing a few small groups of them and left.


Well, i've pretty much said everything there was to say about this trip. For the majority of last year when we reigned as #1 f2p, we had to contend with these 4 clans helping each other to combat us, and today marked a reunion of those days. Hopefully this doesn't continue on because it got kinda boring last year, if MM are going to get the aid of 2 main clans and Fi to try and hold on to #1 (AGAIN), then i guess that just shows how good we really are.




Want to join the ONLY pure clan to compete for #1 without allies?

www.eop-rs.com || #clan-eop












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Before the flame settles in I'd like to issue the THIRD posted warning I've given today. >..<:


Keep the flame to a minimum.

So Poe is rectified as cancer right?

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That ankward moment when you realize your ranks are full of **** and allied with a masser cc. Np for the AC any clans that fought EOP.


That awkward moment when you can't spell awkward


Did it sting when your main team crashed to help Fi beat us, and they still lost? I mean ouch, if i was leading a team of mains to help EoP and they still lost, i'd be devastated.

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Last and final warning for those who feel the need to take Runescape so seriously on community boards.


Keep it civil.

i like u

Retired from the Pure Community.



rip mm, better than any of ur **** clans


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