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Final Ownage Elite

Clan Information

Clan Website: www.FOE-RS.com

Clan Memberlist: FOE Memberlist

IRC Channel: #FinalOwnage




Who Are We?

Final Ownage Elite is a P2P based clan where our members Pk with the honour code. We have a prestigious history and a high reputation for quality experienced pkers, Fostering such great legends as Bonesaw Pk, Evilsexc, 1 Pure Devil, I Meleed I, Fear Figment and other countless Runescape pking Legends.

We are rated very highly within the Pure Community and have maintained the status of being one of the top clans in RuneScape Today.

Final Ownage Elite prides Quality over Quantity We Only Recruit the Best.

Final Ownage (FO) was founded on March 19th 2005, "FO" started out as a 49 combat pking clan and eventually became one of the best pure clans in Runescape. As a clan we trained together, and grew as a whole. Almost 7 Years on since the start of Final Ownage Elite we are still active as ever with fresh members of the leadership that strive success and do the best for FOE.

Competition with developed pure clans was hard, but we remained strong and continued our clan. Some who wanted power left and that left the passionate FO’s in an outrage. In July 2005, We kicked out the inactive and unworthy and made huge ramifications to our clan. It was then that those loyal to Final Ownage took on a new name: Final Ownage Elite




Over the past 7 years Final Ownage Elite has had so many people spent countless amounts of time putting their all into this great clan. Some are still around, some are long gone but these are just some of the people that made this clan what it is today. Our Leadership is a strong group of people that stand out from the rest of the the clan for wanting to make it a better place for its members, Our leadership are strong not just within eacother but with the members and community.

For more information on our past/current leadership click here.


Current Leadership

- Founders -

Bonesaw Pk

Ilx Ace Ilx


- Leaders -

Dan (O M F Dz)

Kyle (Failed Again)


- High Council -

Adhi (Adhi Daddy)

Dave (im pore)

Devon (Windmillsftw)

Pete (9th)




Final Ownage Elite Media




Final Ownage Elite are well known across Youtube for our Clan PK Videos/Weekly Events. With just over 21,500 Loyal subscribers FOE has been the birth of some famous PKers. We enjoy making the video's for our audience. Please, Take some time out an preview the Final Ownage Elite Movie/PKing Video Playlist, It Will give YOU An Insight of what FOE is, And What YOU could be apart of.


FOE PK Video Series (1-4)


FOE "The Movie" Series (1-2)




Final Ownage Elite Weekly Activity

We Have continued the tradition through this time of having weekly F2P and P2P trips, Hosting Three scheduled Pking Trips per week, as well as Fun Events, Unofficial Trips and Miniwars for the members and the community to have some fun. FOE is not only about its members but the community of the clan mean a great deal, and everyone is welcome to be part of our community even if they are part of another clan.


In our pk trips we demand respect and authority. We move as one unit and do EVERYTHING the leadership tells us. This unifies us as a whole, not just a bunch of pkers. Some of Final Ownage Elite's favorite location to pk are: Corp, 18 Portals, Greaters and New Gate.



Although being a P2P based clan FOE still ventures and dominates F2P to get some action on a weekend. Our F2P PK trips consist on FOE chasing after different clan's that are out pking in the wilderness, sometimes mains but most of the time they are pures. We hold an official F2P trip every Saturday in the Wilderness, pulling a strong 60-70 people all ready to spam and pile. We also hold F2P events many Fridays, such as small trips, Clan Inner-wars and even 30 minute preparation wars with other clans.





Onto our Specialty P2P Pking, We are highly rated through this area mainly thanks to the FOE Leadership having high experience in P2P Wars such as calls, pushes and strategies to dominate other clans. Not only do we have the leadership calling on TeamSpeak but we have the well trained members giving calls and locations in the Clan Chat to guide those members that are stuck. This is beneficial as we know how members react to situations, scenarios and how to mold new members into true FOE clan pkers. Organization and Discipline is the key to success. We hold an official P2P trip every Sunday in the Wilderness, pulling a strong 70-80 people all ready to dominate in our strongest server.


P2P maximizes our hybridding ability our members have. In our requirements it is advised members to have a strong secondary stat other than their primary attacking force. This means if people use protection prayers, Members can weapon switch(or use magic spells) in order to down the enemy, This means we can dominate smaller or larger pking teams/clans quickly and effectively.


Final Ownage Elite has a great scouting team which will get clan's locations within seconds and let the FOE leadership know the locations. FOE will dominate anything in reach of the clan and if they choose to fight back it will only be more loot for its members.Week in week out clans try to compete with Final Ownage Elite and for the majority of the time FOE comes out on top. FOE has gained its name as Kings/Legends of P2P not for just our skilled warring but the amount of quality that is put into our warring.




P2P Events

Although primarily a pking clan, We also have fun events with members and people who are big parts of the FOE Community.Fun Events are organized by any member of FOE, from New Member to Leader but mainly by our awesome High Council/Council Team. Events can range from Killing each other in innerclan wars to killing monsters for great loot.

We usually have around 2 P2P Miniwars every day (Members Only), P2P Midweek's will be run throughout the week (Monday-Thursday) and will be open to anyone of the community and Fun events for the members of FOE.

FOE is generally all about having a great time!








Considering joining Final Ownage Elite?

*When you are joining, think about it seriously.

Joining a clan is not for playing around, it requires commitment, maturity and dedication, you cannot join temporarily and leave* But you will have a hell of a lot of fun with us and get out more than what you put in.


78+ Hp for ALL Options.

90+ Mage for ALL Options. With exception of Option D.

Defense must be under 25* With exception of Option D.

You must have over 85 HP before applying if you do not have overheads (43+ prayer).

If under 60 attack, your other stats have to make up for it.


[Option A. Melee Based]


90+ Strength with 90+ Mage and 80+ Range


[Option B. Range Based]


90+ Range with 90+ Mage and 80+ Strength


[Option C. Magic Based]


94+ Mage with 85+ Strength/Range and 80+ Strength/Range


[Option D1. Turmoil Pure]


90+ Strength with 90 mage and 80+ range ~ Must have curses before applying


[Option D2. Turmoil Pure]


90+ Range AND mage with 80+ Strength ~ Must have curses before applying.


NOTE: Requirements are the bare minimum, meeting them does not mean you will be automatically accepted!

In FOE we only strive for the best so be prepared to continuously train your stats during and after your application process.

[Averages] Cmb: 102.21; Str: 97.33; Cns: 94.98; Mage: 97.41; Range: 96.57.


Future Member Applications have been terminated because we only accept Quality Instead of Quantity





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