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Mayhem Makers


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~~~~~~~ Quick Links ~~~~~~~

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~~~~~~~ Who are we? ~~~~~~~


We are what makes your pulse rise, we are what makes your heart stop.

We are strong individually, we are unbeatable together.

We are rebels, we are chaos, we are fear itself.

We are the past, we are the present, we are the future.

We are more than just a clan, we are a community, we are a movement.





~~~~~~~ Introduction ~~~~~~~

The Mayhem Makers is the oldest pure clan in Runescape, dating back early 2004 when RS2 was first released. We have participated in some of the largest pure wars that Runescape has seen, and we continue to battle with some of the strongest clans in Runescape. We host three official events per week, and there is always people pking if you are looking for a group. We are well known for our domination in the pure world, most recently displayed at the Pure Clan Tournament. In the last Tournament we managed to come out with the most awards won including the prestigious #1 P2p warring clan with even amount of people. At the moment we're battling in the top three, both P2p and F2p and have the ability to beat any other clan.


~~~~~~~ Disclaimer ~~~~~~~

There are a few things you should know before considering application to the Mayhem Makers.


1. This is a pking clan. We are a community and a clan, but first and foremost we are pkers. If you don't enjoy pking, you may not fit in with us.

2. You must be a skilled pker, with lots of experience. You don't have to be perfect, and we can help you improve, but we will not accept people unless they can prove their pking skill.

3. You must be a well rounded hybrid pure, meeting our specified stat requirements. If you look at our requirements, there is no "one stat option". We feel this makes for the best overall pkers, who can adapt to any situation. Yes all other clans will have easier requirements, however we are the best of the best, and you have to work hard to make it to the top.




~~~~~~~ Requirements ~~~~~~~

Melee Option: 40+ Attack 90+ Strength AND 82 Range OR Mage

Range Option: 90+ Range AND 82+ Strength OR 82 Mage

Mage Option: 90+ Magic AND 82+ Strength OR Ranged


~~~~~~~ Videos ~~~~~~~

These are a select few of our clan videos, we have far too many to list here.











~~~~~~~ Clan History ~~~~~~~




Early RS2 Wilderness

The Mayhem Makers were first formed in the earliest part of "Runescape 2", which brought forth an enormous change to the way pking worked. To understand the origins of this clan you must first understand the state of the wilderness and pking world at the time. In the very beginning most people gave pking a try, and many pures found that the huge advantages they previously had did not yield as much power in the new combat system. The traditional '3 hitting" was ruined because people could eat whenever they please, and because of this the majority of pure pkers had great troubles when trying pking in the new system. A large majority decided to just stick with rsc, and not move to the new game. Others decided to get defence, thinking that pures would not work in rs2. Since magic as a primary combat type was new, it became very popular and for the first few weeks f2p wild was overrun with mages.


I myself (I Mahatma I) had tested the new system in it's beta version, and already knew how to use the new combat system to raise magic without affecting combat. Magic for a pure went against everything that traditionally done in rsc, which is why it was so unique in the early months of rs2. With the raised magic level it gave pures a decent defence against the hordes of mages that were in the wilderness at the time. Low level hybrid pures were finding great success in the wilderness, most targets being mages who were easy targets for a pure.


The Santa Hat

I (I Mahatma I) was always a solo pker, never wanting or needing any teamates...that is up until one occurence that began the formation of some of my closest pking partners, as well as the beginnings of the Mayhem Makers. The exact date of this occurrence is not known, but it was somewhere in march of 2004. I was pking near the castle around lvl 10 wilderness when I encountered a mage team, 1 of which was wearing a santa hat. The team tried tag-teaming but in the end I ko'd the mage mage with the santa, but right after was pilejumped by the other mage and died. I hurried back to the spot to try to get my pile, getting there in time to see the Santa Hat picked up by another person before my very eyes. Shortly after another pile appeared, which turned out to be that of the mage that had pile-jumped me. Dabestpk, another hybrid pure the same combat as me had pked the other mage, and also picked up the Santa hat that I had pked. We had never met before, so I was surprised when he offered to share half the value of the santa. After this event Dabestpk and myself pked together constantly, and later became the founding fathers of the Mayhem Makers.


The Founding of the Mayhem Makers

Dabestpk and myself became a well known force in those early rs2, low-lvl pking days. The next few to join the group were 5xfireballx5, 0m3gaknight7, Volcanic Fox, Bl0od Hawk and Watch4lumby. This group of 7 were the original pking team that became the Mayhem Makers. At the time we had no official name or forums/website, basically because we did not need one. When on runescape the group was always pking, never stopping to train so we stayed the same combat for quite a while. When logging on you wouldn't ask "want to go pking?", rather "where are you guys pking?" because as long as some of us were online we were always in the wilderness. We mostly pked at castle and giants, but started to venture into deep wilderness with our group.


Tank Mages and The Original Forums

We needed larger numbers in order to survive in deep-wild, so some tank mages joined the clan (yes it was not pures always), such as Warthog Mage, Pk The Mad, 123 Girl Pow, Jezus is God and Shammi Pk. With the large arsenal of mages and pures, we began to have great success in the deep f2p wilderness. To organize ourselves with the growing size of our pk group, the first forums were made May 26th 2004. The forums were created by myself, I Mahatma I, and the leaders were myself and Dabestpk. These forums still exist but remain a secret to only the few original members who still remember the address. We began getting a reputation as "the pinkies" (because of the pink skirts we wore to stand out), an extremely low combat clan (all 45-60), taking down teams of people over twice our combat levels. The success continued throughout the summer of 2004, and the clan encountered great success in all aspects of pking.


The Break

When the summer of 2004 was coming to an end, many people took breaks for school work, while others made the switch from f2p to p2p, spending most of their time discovering the aspects of the p2p world. The pking slowed, and most of the members began to focus on raising their stats. There was a break from September to November where the forums slowed down and not much was going on.


The Rise to Glory

On November 11th 2004 the new forums were raised, and Mayhem Makers was re-formed from the ground up. It was decided that it was to be pure only, with a defence max at 40 which was later lowered to 20. This time the clan consisted of a majority of p2p pures, who had more intense stats and MM began to get the reputation of having the highest pures available. By the beginning of 2005 MM consisted of an extreme majority of the high lvl pures that existed in rs2. Samotboy ran a script on the highscores to search for people with +85 strength and defence not on highscores, and like 90% of the people found were members of the clan. It was safe to say that the Mayhem Makers were a powerful force that represented the majority of high lvl pures who were playing at the time.


The High Council

Sometime around March 2005 Dabestpk got defence to 40+ he never really played Rs as much anymore after that. Around the same time the High Council was created to run the clan, which comprised of the most active and responsible leaders of the clan. The early High Council consisted of such members as Samotboy, I Fubu I, and Volcanic Fox. The high council makes all the decisions for the clan as a group and leads the clan as a group.


The Ever-Changing Leaders

As the clan keeps lasting for a long period of time, many of the High Council members find it hard to keep up with runescape when they have more important things in their lives. Many of the original leaders have been changed to Elder status, that of a more inactive admin. New people have been chosen to lead on an ongoing basis. As some are busy in real life, others step up and take control of the clan. Some of these people need honorable mention. In summer 2005 Samotboy played a large role, working extremely hard with the upkeep of the forums as well as developing many new website features of his own. In late 2005/early 2006 Svend Aage 2 and Faken played vital roles, together they did most of the clan leadership for that period of time. In the summer of 2006 xEx and OK had a very active role in leading the clan. The clan kept growing and growing, and more leaders were required to take care of the clan as it grew larger in size. In September 2006 SAM (aka Speed Dem0nx/Thug Killa/Krazyfaken) put in extreme amounts of work and showed immense dedication, and was accordingly promoted to Co-Leader of the clan. In early 2008 Runekas 3 was recognized for his loyalty and hard work, promoted to the rank of co-leader. Through 2008 I Mahatma I, SAM, and Runekas lead the clan with the help of many other High Council members, working together as a group with great success.


Rivals and Allies

Throughout the years the clan has had major change in terms of its alliances and rivals. In terms of rivals, only one clan really held their own against us. That clan was called Masters of Puppets (MOP). MOP was the second pure clan to come into existence in RS2, and since there was only two clans, we were intense rivals. In the early RS2 days the Mayhem Makers and MOP would fight against each other EVERY day, for hours at a time. This was at a time when each clan had average combats of about 45-60, and we were all strictly f2p. The battles would go back in forth, and we were very closely matched. There was no hatred or bad blood, the rivalry was built upon deep respect for each other after so many well fought battles. Eventually MOP slowed down and died out, ending the rivalry. Most of their members ended up joining with us, making our clan much stronger with the combined might of the first two pure clans of RS2.


As our clan moved to become more P2P based, our biggest enemies were main clans. In order to compete against main clans, we went in search of a pure ally who would aid us in the destruction of mains. Therefore in our first clan alliance we joined forces with a clan that was called Final Ownage (aka FO aka FOE). They were a new clan, much smaller and lower leveled, which was great because our members did not fight against each other in lower level wilderness. As allies our combined might proved very effective against the larger main clans, and we had many great pk trips. The alliance with FOE was good for a while, but when FOE members raised higher in combat it led to run ins between allies in low level wilderness. The fights and disputes about low wilderness battles eventually led to the end of the alliance.


The next alliance was formed from tight friendships between Mayhem Maker leaders and a person named Cheaky Devil, who became the leader of a Rune-Pure/Tank clan called Higher Force (HF). Whenever a Mayhem Maker would get defence, they were sent to Higher Force, which became like a brother clan with us. We have had loads of fun and enjoyed a very long alliance with HF. There have been many allied trips and fun wars over the years, and HF has been our strongest ally by far. The other official alliance was with a clan called Bloody Brains (BB). Bloody Brains was a very low level pure clan, but had great organization and a large amount of members. Several Mayhem Makers had their lower level accounts in BB, and therefore an alliance between the clans was a perfect fit. The alliance was BB was great while it lasted and after its end many of their members ended up joining to become Mayhem Makers.


Challengers Come Forth

The Mayhem Makers completely dominated in both p2p and f2p for more than a two years, spanning mid 2004 to mid 2006. During that time period no other pure clan could put up a serious challenge, and no clan would accept a full-out war against us. There were some mini wars, and capped wars, but never a chance for the Mayhem Makers to truly unleash their full power. Finally, in late 2006, it seemed there was a clan who would accept the challenge. A clan named Fatality (FI) was having really great success in f2p at the time, and some were saying they were the best f2p clan. To prove this, they would first have to defeat the Mayhem Makers, and a war was planned. The hype for this war was huge, and surprisingly most people had FI as the favourites to win. The war itself was massive, but in the end the experience, organization and strategy of the Mayhem Makers pulled through, and we came out with a decisive victory. Since then there have been many proposed wars, but most have been ruined by clans backing out or wars being crashed. Many other clans have become much stronger and hold their own on pk trips, but MM still looks for those who will be the ultimate challenge in war.


The New Age of PKing

In December 2007 pking took a drastic change, and the wilderness as we knew it was destroyed. Bounty Hunter was introduced, and the Mayhem Makers took up the knew challenge and adapted to the new form of pking. When it was first released, the Mayhem Makers went on a Bounty Hunter marathon, and the clan was pking non stop for roughly 48 hours. At one point there were six Mayhem Makers in the top 10 Runescape players ranked on the Rogues highscores. Along with Bounty Hunter also came Clan Wars, which sparked increased activity for clan warring. The Mayhem Makers have already had great success in Clan Wars, and look forward to any future challenges.


Written by I Mahatma I


~~~~~~~ PK Trips ~~~~~~~

The main focus of the Mayhem Makers is pking, so we have several trips each week. We normally will have Official trips on Friday, Saturday and Sundays. Additionaly, the Mayhem Makers have many members from Australia/NZ, so we have a special trip on Sundays for that specific time zone. We also have smaller trips going on every day of the week, you can always find a team of people to pk with. Pictures of some of our trips are shown below.



~~~~~~~ Other Events ~~~~~~~

In addition to our pk events, we offer a wide variety of other events in both free to play and pay to play. To make money you can go on trips such as King black dragon and god wars dungeon. We also do many specialty wars such as Dragon Longs only, Mauls only, Snowball fights, ect. Finally we have some very popular fun events that are unique and Mayhem Makers originals. These include 'Hobo Wars', 'HAM Trips', 'Jedi vs Sith' war and much much more.


















The Mayhem Makers Leaders and Ranks:





Not A Ranqer

Runekas 3


High Council:


The 1 Reborn




Rang3r Elmo

Toxic Slay





- [site] - [Memberlist] - [Apply for MM] - [irc: #mayhem-makers] - [ Youtube ] -



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Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall
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