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Few things that have changed!


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Well, our activity has suddenly rose, dramatically. We understand this may be because of people are just taking an interest to the site, but I can assure you things can only improve from where we are now. I'm sure you're all aware of the website we're working on and the ladder ranking system which no other runescape fansite has. That alone, sets us apart from ANY other RuneScape fansites, nevermind pure fansites!


A few things have been added to Pure Warfare over the last couple of hours, we hope to please our members as they're what makes up the community!


Signature Of The Week - http://www.pure-warfare.com/index.php?showforum=59

Due to popular demand, I've implemented Signature Of The Week. I hope for it to remain active with more people getting involved as time goes on, hopefully more of you begin to learn graphics so the graphics section can improve altogether!


Pure Warfare's Website - http://www.pure-warfare.com/index.php?showforum=55

That's right! Pure Warfare has their own website which is currently under development. Right now, we're looking for feedback and most importantly, CONTENT TO BE CREATED. We're short on content, however an ideal amount has been covered yet there is still more to come. We, as a community, would really appreciate all content/feedback that is given so that we can use it to help a large amount of pures across this game as we hope to release the website in the near future, however this can only be done with co-operation from you!



As we're still in the early days, advertisement is key. Please mention Pure Warfare to your clans, friends and whoever else you wish to mention it to. You should all have a post regarding Pure Warfare on your clan's forums (or the majority will have), but please make sure those whom you know are informed about this community as we hope for it to become one where all pures can unite and socialize maturely.


Thanks for reading,


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whats a ladder ranking system?


It's basically a table, something like English 'Soccer' Premier League or the American Football League's. When you win, you move up, when you lose, you move down, depending on the wins/losses of the other clans in the same area as you.

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I feel this community is going soar to much further heights than PC did. We have an active respectful Staff that knows what they are doing, and we have the members to make this community Shine

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Anyways hopefully you guys don't give up on this and by the looks of things it'll do much better then PC.

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Thats pretty cool, I just registered, so I'ma continue looking around.

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For those who are wondering, the Pure Warfare "Ladder" is roughly similar to PC's "PCR" system, except ours is an interactive system rather then just a list. With the PW Ladder, clans can search for wars, challenge others, and prove their worth. The system is unbiased; a win is a win, a loss is a loss. With it you can view a clan's warring record, etc.



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Glad Karl posted this on Ascendency forums when he made it, shouldn't of had to wait this long for our activity to rise.

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the ladder ranking system will be pro

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