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best mini war team ?


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HaVoC's p2p mini team own alot of clans MM , IR , DP theres 2 mini teams high level and low lvl :/ they both rape tbh

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EOP are good f2p not sure p2p. Haven't mini warred many of the top clans recently so I can't be that sure.


we just mini'd SP yesterday and won 3-0 in p2p we are trying to get more p2p minis and stuff ill be trying to get them myself as long as i have members willing to follow me in to them. Thanks for saying f2p bests we have a pretty good winnings there and will hope to keep getting better for p2p id say fi or tlp for best depending who they bring

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Our mini unit is pretty good for the low level scene. We've beaten A and other clans with that unit

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I dont really agree on Mini Teams/Units, 5-8 90s in Mith is kind of a boring fight

i agree with him the funnest mini's are 1 def pures around lvl 60 =p



tgg from day one till close bchs

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:: Overall based on majority of fights ::


- P2P -




- F2P -


FOE - Experience

EOP - Organization and lvls

E - Organization and Spamming ( they prove this is the key to f2p)

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