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Phishing! WARNING, READ.


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It has come to our attention that somebody has been sending Private Messages with a link in that email, we're now aware it's to do with 'Phishing'.


Please do not click on any links in the PM, secondly DO NOT REGISTER ON THERE. We'll try and find out who's at the heart of this phishing scandal and try and sort it out as soon as possible but in the meantime, try not to read any Private Message's sent over Pure Warfare.


This should be fixed within the next couple of hours, thanks!


Please do NOT have your password on these forums as anything else you would have on RuneScape, an email account or anything similar. For a safe password, please visit a website such as:




EDIT: We're aware that this has spread to other forums, we/myself are NOT sending emails/private messages out to ANYBODY regarding Pure Warfare. Please inform your clan members and friends about this issue as we wish for nobody to to affected by this individual impersonating myself.

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Uh Oh, Warning Warning!

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