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Heya, guys. Well, I'm 16 years old (a Sophmore in High School) and I play Junior-Varsity baseball. This year I've secured a position as starting catcher, and have earned captain.


Just today I was told I'm being pulled up to play Varsity, and I'm quite happy!





Any of you guys play ball?



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Not very good at basketball, but soccer is my game.


This topic is actually about Baseball, not basket ball :P


I've played it a few times, not too fond of it.. it's not that big of a thing where I live.

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I used to play, quit because I got tired of it. Was truly the only sport I excelled on a better level than others at my age then, but lol.


Played t-ball 2 years, 5 and 6.

Rookie for 2 years, 7 and 8.

Major 9-12.


Team went 30-1 one year, lost in final four of our county tourney which consisted of 65 teams. We were the best team in the county my 11 year old year, top 5 9 and 10, and my 12 year old year, we lost a lot of our players and had a lot of 9 year olds =\.

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Omni was here lOL
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