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  1. Battlescapes a waste of time mate, I'm just waiting patiently for 2006scape :)
  2. I'm staying loyal to 2006Scape. However, if Jagex intervene, I may consider this server as a suitable alternative.
  3. Seb


    Jasper, one of my favourites, was a pleasure being in Control with you. I'm glad you're moving on old friend, keep in touch and good luck. :)
  4. In a sense what you say is true, theirs no doubting the fact people will be excessively farming, but that's only RS nature. But the real main reason for wanting to play 06scape of course from a veterans point of view, is because it gives us one last chance to re-live our early days of playing Runescape, and to give us that little boost of nostalgia and happiness, we will probably never feel again. I for one will be playing the server for Pure nostalgia and happiness, and to use it as my last month or so of playing the "real Runescape" as I like to call it, before I leave this game and a large sum of this community behind
  5. I doubt Connor or Jordan will come back to play Scape let alone re-open TGG :( I do miss the good old TGG days though :(
  6. Guild Wars 2 is the answer
  7. I have a strong feeling that each clan will take very diverse directions once the Combat rework comes into place. Some clans will close, some will higher their defence requirement and some will stay "Pure".
  8. Its a shame I missed this :/ Either way great job guys, and Good fight TLP.
  9. You Missed out TGG (The Golden Gods).
  10. Wow, Excellent job Enemy. I hope you guys continue to improve.
  11. good job guys, remember to keep it 1-4 defence :)
  12. If i had to choice, I'd definatley choose 1 defence, over 30. If I wanted Turmoil, I wouldnt even bother with sticking at 30+ defence, I'd go straight up to 45.
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