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  1. Sup Rich m8..shyat was fun ass hell doe got dat 595 spec on don you know #1 39 def pure m8s l0l
  2. Best Admin - Karl Best Mod - Suicide Best Senior Member - IVP Best Honoured Member - Coz Best GFx Maker - Aidan Most Helpful Rank- Suicide Most Helpful Member - Hardest Worker - Omni Best Spammer - Sirswat Most Annoying Member - Roman Most Respected Member - Best Pk Video of 2011 - Carcuss Best Pker of 2011- Stre_pksalot cuz i dickride
  3. Hope you can catch a freeze this time on me kev ;p doubt they have tabs in this tourney
  4. does summon count as combat too? or is it f2p cb
  5. can this wait until the pray/mage is updated lool
  6. first round i was literally at the tip of my chair like omg omg omg omg we can take it rofl..but good fight foe hoping for another prep in the future ;p
  7. You suck joel not war just you...and ari...and your whole ml but not war just your ml
  8. i give it a 5 maybe 4 nice def bro thought turm and rune gloves was 30 LOL
  9. suprised it didn't take you 5 minutes to attack on your attacking round, but umm yeah :D
  10. Doing good though, i think you should maybe approach CPR and ask for a prep :D
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