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  1. I might just click it, although I might not. Seems the last Runescape pure clan is dead. Rip purewarfare you were always pretty ****.
  2. Thought you would have said being warlord of dv
  3. my clans winning all the time because of my superiority as the boy king of runescape
  4. how do these 2 month clans acquire elder ranks
  5. ripped off dvs clan banner for a **** battlescape clan die slowly
  6. If you can write more about your Runescape clan than you could about any relevant topic you shouldn't be allowed to use a computer
  7. basketball deserves the view boost for not having a retarded commissioner who cant resolve conflicts feel bad for the kids that got drafted this year
  8. cheated and teamed with **** clans like pot to compete until you picked up enough members to become relevant, where you then started the scummy ddosing/hacking because you couldn't beat anyone decent legitimately. From personal experience in nme: youd lose in F2p consecutively for about 2-3 months even while using mains. Then started the same in p2p after saying how bad we were in the server. your battlescape warlord/callers got clowned so you had to call frozen fury to help you vs a 70% F2p clan. Claimed superiority when all of nmes relevant leaders quit the game. You were good at doing everything you could to win / pissing people off which seemed bad back then but in retrospect I don't really care, it was a **** computer game.
  9. cant tell if wallis trolling
  10. as long as runescape exists puers won't cease to exist, only difference will be certain clans won't take part in re-creating pure clanning, which will re-evolve over time and may take generations. just lold hard. gl solo on building the healthy runescape world that you may hope one day to see your children grow up in
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