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  1. Hey guys, what's everyone been up to? Idk if a lot of people remember me, but it has been awhile since I have visited these forums. As it states that I have 30k new posts to go through, I would say its been awhile. So, what's JaGex done to RS since I have been gone for the past, oh I don't know, January? Thinking of getting back into the game, but need some motivation and someone to fill me in on what JaGex has done to put this game back to what it used to be (if they even manage that). Anyways, just droppin' in to say hey and possibly stick around for awhile.
  2. Anyone else have other opinions on this? Really would be greatly appreciated :)
  3. Ya my younger brothers bought the limited edition case/packet that allows them to get 15 extra hours of gameplay if they present the case when they go to purchase their pre-ordered CD. I can't wait until that happens because I know for a fact I will weasel my way into playing the game first :P Unless the outsmart me and whine to my parents and they get to play it first. If that happens, I won't speak with them until they finish it because I don't wanna see ANY part of that game while they're playing it.
  4. For being in the 60's I usually stayed with Fire Giants until 70. Fire Giants are good money as they drop really nice items (bring ring of wealth) & they have high HP and low defense to boost. In my opinion this is a very effective monster to train until 70 range and you will earn the money that you bought for items (i.e. steel arrows will do). Bring the best armor you can wear, small amount of food until they go un-aggressive, and have the patience to stay in the same spot until 70 range or the occasional banking. Cheers and goodluck on your goals :)
  5. Congratulations :) I like the 45 ATT you have. Not many pures stop around that area and stick to Chaotics.
  6. What I am looking forward to is how the created his movements in this game (i.e. the parkour aspect). In the previous games he would usually climb walls and buildings and jump from them, but I really am curious to see how well they portrayed this aspect through, well, pretty much forest territory. It could really make it or break it in more honest opinion as that used to be one of my favorite aspect of the game. That & the weapons he used, but never payed too much attention to that. Also, George Washington <3
  7. Lol oh my mistake :P Haven't been here long enough to distinguish most of the members :/ my apologies!
  8. Ha this was awesome :) I actually didn't think I would enjoy all of it, but I guess your enjoyable to listen to? Hope that doesn't come out as stalkerish :P I honestly didn't think people used tinychat anymore lol. May I join? :)
  9. So anyone thinking about getting this game? I have personally played all of the games and I am looking forward to putting something in the 18th century. What is more interesting is that it focusses around the time when the original 13 colonies began their physical disputes against the British. Heck I am so excited that I am wondering if they make him (the character) the one that fires the supposedly 'first' shot that starts the American Revolution. Overall, my anticipation for this game and gameplay is pretty high. Hopefully it doesn't disappoint. Share you comments on the trailer and what you think about the game thus far :)
  10. nosympathy


    Uhm believe I got to level 25 and was an Assassin. Idk if I was human or something else, but I got bored. It was fun for awhile, but then I went back to playing Assassin's Creed to replay the story lines for the upcoming game supposedly to be released by the end of October. Anyways, its a great game mind you, but it does have its quality of being a little TOO LONG....
  11. 97 IQ for Americans? Man that's awesome, I never got a 97 before in anything :P
  12. Pretty bored & wanting to start a strictly F2P pure. Stats will be as followed: 40/45 ATT 60+ STR 40+ RANGE 25+ MAGIC 1 DEF 60+ HITPOINTS 1 PRAYER (will get it higher) Here are a few questions I have: Should I get members while training my F2P account? What quests will be beneficial for my F2P account? What CB level would be appropriate for me to train prayer? And lastly, should I train Dungeoneering to 45 before getting 45 ATT and 60+ STR? I really haven't done F2P pures in along time as I have been mainly members for as long as I can remember. I know I had some files stored away on my old computer about FAQs and other stuff like that on making a decent F2P pure, but sadly that computer died years ago. Anyways, all suggestions and answers will be appreciated and greatly thanked :)
  13. Happy Easter to everyone as well :) Glad to see some sun today in Oregon. Been rainy for the past couple weeks :/
  14. I still dabble in the pure community. Of course I have switched to training a main now which is more fun IMO at this moment......:)
  15. Honestly I didn't see the point in joining big clans that have set rules/guidelines. Just training & PKing on your own is SO much better IMO then being in a clan. I could never force myself to log on when they told me to & bring what they told me to if it didn't work for me. Anyways, good luck with whatever your doing :)
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