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  1. many people telling me to open up a graphics shop.. and since I don't enjoy skilling on 07, I will use the cash I make from signatures to make money and train. Still working on prices, so they could change if I decide but I will start it off relatively cheap.. *PAYMENTS will be received before the graphic is made.. so no-one skips out on a payment after they get their graphic. Signature (with basic font animation) 125kSignature (with advanced animation) 150kBanner 175kanything else we can work out a deal..I think these prices are fair considering most graphics designers overcharge for their product. So if you want a bad ass unique signature, you can get it for only 125k. obviously, if you are really satisfied with the graphic I do appreciate tips. _________________________ Format for your request Color theme Pictures you want in it what do you want the Text to say do you want the text animated any other animation? __________________________ Recent Examples thank you :)
  2. **** is stupid.. whats the point of playing this game when u can 1 hit somebody
  3. yeah, just happened yesterday apparently hes supposed to be released today.. crazy ****. heres the article http://www.nfl.com/news/story/09000d5d8277..._headline_stack what team will he go to next? Dolphins? Cardinals?
  4. When will we learn that runescape & rap battles DON'T MIX.
  5. CONVlCT

    I Found This...

    cool, but what is it?
  6. CONVlCT


    love what you did with the text.
  7. two things, plenty of hip/hop rap, expresses the exact opposite.. plenty of artist rap about how rich they are, how famous they are and their above average.... quality of life. 2nd, a lot of music from the 70s, were just a mash of impersonation about drugs, sex.. and being high. its the new generation, music changes... along with everything else.
  8. I suggest adding pictures to your topic
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