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  1. Waiting for Christmas hybriding.
  2. - Justas -

    Enormity vs LT

    Your tanks are good.
  3. #lithuanians for sure. I will teach u some words lol
  4. We will see, rsbots.net won't give up so easily tho.
  5. Good job guys, I knew u will win this easily :)
  6. #1 Lol all of us were green for you. Gf.
  7. I just noticed that it was sunday/saturday trip for us, cause when we ended my clock was showing 00:20 lol. Btw it was fine with language, because mainly all members understand english language and we can talk in english aswell.
  8. It was really good run fellas, #Finnish had to join us too, but they didn't come, so I hope they will join us next time. Thanks everyone who came, and thank you Chillin, for making a topic! If everyone would pk at 7-8pm gmt, we would probably dominate.
  9. It's was kinda too late for Lithuanians, so we managed to pull only 20. They outnumbered and outleveled us, so that made fight not so tense.. Still gj [R], looking forwards for preps.
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