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R`yan/ Ryan---666


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Howdy Ladies.


R`yan here.. From PC.. Old staff.. dbag.. Anti-Serfhat rebellion (but not really because I have a love-hate relationship with him..).. Whatever you wanna call me lol.


Hmm idk where to start... Started scape like 3 months after santas (god only knows how long ago that was lol..).. Um.. Stopped playing legitimately like 2 years ago but stayed around till a year ago... Now I'm bored and came back? Rofl.



PS: Name here's "Ryabear" because I can't do R`yan in this website :'(, I already cried on Karls shoulder about it.

Formerly R`yan on PC. Can't use ` here.. :(

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Welcome to PW. :biggrin:

"So count your money, ill count my friends, we will see who's richer in the end."


Proud Founder of We Are Royalty

Proud to have been Council of Enemy

Proud to have been Member of Fatality

Proud Council of Epidemic


I Bleed Teal


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Are you Owned in 2d?


Hm no, but I know him from somewhere.. He used to be on my friends list lol.



Sup Ryan


Was you in Clan Alliance?



Howdy Narcotic :), indeed I was. And PIC too lmao.



Nice to meet y'all ;o

Formerly R`yan on PC. Can't use ` here.. :(

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